1. Unadjusted to inflation, 29mil and mounting.
  2. About 30-35m
  3. 40m
    10-15m Chestplate
    9-12m Leggings
    7-8m Boots
    7-8m Helmet
  4. 12-15m cplate, 11-13m legs, 7-9m helm, 5-7m boots
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  5. 150k per frag so 36m
  6. Yeouch, I didn’t realise the inflation was this bad.... I feel physical pain reading this thread xd
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  7. Get Strong
    Superior only does a little extra dmg and only costs 5-7 mill
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  8. It's already almost 40 mil after the inflation
  9. The problem is that superior also has a ton of HP and defense
  10. But its not worth 30 million for that
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  11. You need that against t4 bosses
  12. T4 Bosses are not worth doing. T3s are more profitable
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  13. Alrescha_K

    Alrescha_K Active Member

    Helmet 8-13mil
    Chestplate 12.5-18mil
    Leggings 11.5-17mil
    Boots 6.5-12mil
    By buying fragment 15-20k (mostly 16-17k)=1
  14. Farming t3 is so much slower
  15. VeryStressed

    VeryStressed Active Member

    fragments are 150k each, not 15-20k LUL
  16. Alrescha_K

    Alrescha_K Active Member

    I just bid a lot to get my superior set so it's 16-17k average
    If you bid 15k per frag you are mostly getting oubidded
    (Note: I bid at the time with around 15000 player )
  17. Daxido

    Daxido Active Member

    SkyLeague SKY
    Just because something increases in price doesn't mean it's an example of inflation. Supply decreased, demand increased.

    To answer the question though, 30m-40m currently.
  18. Me before the items price raise:

    Aod = got it for 6.9mil all enchants
    Dh 3 runaan = 7mi
    Superior = 3.5 boots 5.5 helmet 6.5mil pants(boight frags for it) and 9mil chesyplate

    So 24.5mil full superior set

  19. Now sets goes fot 30-45mil bruh

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