1. The tittle says all
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  2. A lot. No one can really tell you how much. It matters how many players are on when you put your booster on a game. Also, what booster are you buying?
  3. Thanks for the help im talking for a skywars booster
  4. probs around 200k coins and a lot of XP (thats what I got from a UHC one)
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  5. Waste of money. Bad for the cost. Sky wars coins are ez to get.
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  6. Okay thanks
  7. If you have money and you want to spend them then why should i not buy it lol
  8. relury

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    uR a tRu mInEmAn in mInEcRaFt111111!!!!
  9. Other game boosters are better value.
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  10. hqn


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    I got around 250.000 coins and 2 levels up (66 to 68)
  11. Depending on when you activate it i guess, if you activate at a busy time you will get about 300k coins and 300k xp but thats unlikely atm :p
  12. 300k or more coins and 350k XP + If you time it good
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  13. Crashstash5

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    Depends on the time of day- Peak time during the weekends would be pretty ideal
  14. It really depends on when you use the booster, you should use it on a weekend. There is no guarantee on how much you are going to get, but you can expect 250k-300k coins and about 250k exp from it (on a weekend).
  15. tell me one booster than you think worth it
  16. As time goes on, you get less and less coins and XP. This was put in place to make it more fairer, so at Hypixels' peak, it wouldn't make a huge difference to a regular Wednesday.
  17. What lol. I had a Skyclash booster with 39k people and got 415k xp and 312k xp
  18. That is what a support member told me.
  19. Pretty much all of them
  20. Yeah i know

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