1. Just wondering, to see how good my Magma Farm is.
  2. Mine makes about 2.5m every 24 afk hours - varies ofc if the realm my IS is on gets restarted or my internet resets or something.
  3. CyrenArkade

    CyrenArkade Active Member

    Could you post screenshots or a .schematic file of your farm? I've designed one myself but its abnormally slow.

  4. Eh that's a bit dishonest.

    1. You need tons of storage.

    2. You need to pray your server doesn't kick you out.

    3. You need e lava buckets in your minions.

    4. You need 3 hours of free time to just craft everything.
  5. Depends on alot of factors. also they're being nerfed in the next minion patch keep in mind
    1.) Level
    2.) Quantity
    3.) Fuel
    4.) Storage
    5.) Afking
    6.) Crafting/Selling
    generally a few mil a day scaling as you level your minions assuming you're on your island for 24hours straight afking
  6. I think a better way to prevent people from afking so much is to auto restart hourly or every 3 hours.

    Soon people would learn it's more hassle then its worth.
  7. No its's not dishonest, i have a ton of storage (about 90 double chests + the hoppers)
    And we craft 2-3 times a day and i have an alot running every 24 hours which i check every few hours and i dont use eLava Buckets

    Edit: Added 2 pictures - how much it made over night, ~12h (after i finished crafting). 3.jpg Unbenannt.jpg and for how much it sold
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  8. PostSorcerer

    PostSorcerer Well-Known Member

    It depends
  9. Some people have that
  10. it depends it ranges from 900k to 2mil
  11. Eyyyyyy

    Eyyyyyy Active Member

    Someone have a good farm for this? Im looking for one efficient to build :/
  12. Legit just make a spawner with water under it 3 thick then hoppers to catch it and done.

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