1. Cuz very rare and much better
  2. Im on the way just need chest and leggings T_T SUPERIORGANGFORLIFE
  3. Dyc_e

    Dyc_e Well-Known Member

    XL ✧XL✧
    Old gang rise up[​IMG]
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  4. #aspect of the jerry gang
  5. imagine not having perfect x, the greatest flex on the entire server #5DigitEHP

  6. NTX


    NTX Member

    Rollback RB
    #LeatherArmy Why the fuck would you spend 35mil on some cheap yellow leather armor and a players had? You can make this your self way way way cheaper! And instead of useing an ugly dragon skull, just use some yellow leather helmet! You look way fresher with this DIY Superior Armor than Guys who spend 35mil on a real one.
  7. is this a rap?
  8. # oldgang :C
  9. lol do you mean cheap yellow armor a player once had
  10. Nah its poetry
  11. NTX


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    Rollback RB
    No i Mean the cheap and great yellow leather armor EVERYONE Should make right now
  12. I have both sets, I use wise for farming summoning eyes and superior for dragon fights.
  13. Ugh ddiplomacy
  14. Lowcode

    Lowcode Active Member

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    Imagine not having infinite ehp, cant relate. #WiseGang
    If you genuinely think I'm being serious, then you are <12 years old. I rest my case.
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  15. Tryhard be gone
  16. Ok I will steal your summoning eyes zealot then
  17. No you are very wrong. Superior is literally like the most common armor in this game; there literally isn’t a lobby without a superior gang member. If you truly want to be an elitist group, use the armor set that almost no one has ever used: the leaflet set.

    This is one of the rarest armor sets in the game, requiring the Oak Wood III collection, which is almost impossible to get because of forest fires and global warming. It requires much more dedication and skill to get then some normie superior armor, which u can get by shooting an arrow in a dumb flying lizard.

    Leaflet armor has a far better helmet design as well, and is a lot more comfortable than a gross and bloody dragon skull. I mean, how do you even see out of that thing?

    Don’t be a normie like those wise gangs or superior gangs, join the #leafletgang today!
  18. Do to recent findings I'm requiring you to hand that backpack over to me, it contains illegal superior armor and must be put into my chest for "the safety of the public"
  19. True flex is getting Growth 6 Prot 6 Leaflet with full HPB

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