1. Hello, this is a post for one of the hypixel developers or ones who know how it works, if you don't know how it works take a guess! Anyways, how does hypixel do their arena loading? I know this might be a bad idea to ask about their coding secrets but I am trying to make minigames using the style that all the other players are hidden besides the ones in the game, I think this is the approach hypixel took to make their minigames.

    Thanks in advance,

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  2. Each "arena" in Hypixel is a separate server. Multiple Minecraft server instances are hosted together in an actual server machine. When a game in a server has finished, the server just takes its time needed to reload the map while other servers have been ready for players to join.
  3. Really? I am suprised, I thought they could be in different worlds or all the players could be hidden from the rest.

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