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    I tried playing this game for about 45 minutes but I can't understand how to PvP. Any Help??
    [​IMG] I mean what is this?
  2. Okay, simple

    You go pew pew
    Or bam bam
    maybe some pow pow

    No but seriously, if this is your first time playing, it is understandable for your confusion. Click this for basic information and look around the forums some more, there are plenty of useful threads. (Also talking to the community around you also helps!)
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  3. Warlords PvP is basically normal pvp, with the exception of that players dont take kb, there are custom health counters, and right clicking deals more damage.

    Look at the skills in your hotbar (2,3,4,5). Use them to their description.

    how did u get a legendary weapon after 45 minutes wtf
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  4. no u
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  5. Warlords is one of the most unique games within Minecraft world.
    It is a team-based game involving PvP and powerful weapons: you can throw a rock to your enemies, make them jump on the air, roast them with your lightning bolt (that's my favourite), freeze them or smash them.You can inject energy to your allies or take "blood" from your enemies. All of that in 3 game modes: Capture The Flag, Team Deathmatch and Domination.
    You don't have to know how to use your weapons at the beginning, and you don't have a place to practice them anyway. Just go with your teammates's horde and you will be fine!
  6. well. there are ten different specializations, and each one falls into one of the three categories: Offense, Defense/Tank, and Support. Support is healing, defense is damage, and defense/tank is self-explanatory. Some specializations are more of hybrids, like earthwarden: support (healing) and defense/damage/whateveryouwannacallit/weirdness

    So each specialization has five different skills. You have your main weapon skill which you do by right-clicking (You actually activate all of your skills by right clicking while holding them.) You can hover over each skill, which is in your hotbar during a game to see what they do, their cooldown, etc.

    The thing about using skills is you need ENERGY to use them. Some skills take 20 energy, some skills take 120 energy, but don't be daunted by a specialization if it has multiple high energy skills. Just play it and you'll learn how to use it. You can see how much energy you have by looking in your XP bar. You get 20 energy per second on your own.

    CPS in warlords is limited to something like .75 seconds or 1 second roughly, and it barely does any damage, but you can get a certain amount of energy from one strike, which is always useful.

    There is no knockback in warlords, except for some certain skills that do kb.

    Each specialization is part of a class. There are four classes, Mage, Warrior, Paladin, and Shaman. The classes each have 2-3 specializations (which determines your skills that you can use). Mage has Pyromancer, Cryomancer, and Aquamancer. Warrior has Berserker and Defender. Paladin has Avenger, Crusader, and Protector. Shaman has Thunderlord and Earthwarden. don't worry, you'll memorize that all soon enough. So, if you level up a class, all of the class's specializations level up with the class. (Note: you can only be one specialization at once. sorry)

    If you want to bring a class to level 90, focus all your resources and time into that one class. Once you have that class at level 90 (the maximum level), you can pick a new class to level up. Before you dedicate yourself to being a pyromancer main or something like that, try all of the specializations for at least a few games. It will be worth it, trust me. I thought I was going to be a thunderlord main all the way through (a high damage class cannon) but then I found out how much fun aquamancer is (a super team-healing machine). You might do the same, or you might not. It'll still be worth your time, becausee then you'll have all the skills each specialization can use more memorized so you know how to react when fighting them as your favorite spec.

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  7. Lol, that's not even his picture. Pretty sure it's OrangeMarshalls video.
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  8. Do /hub and play something else
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  9. You don't need to. Left clicking is illegal on the hypixel network. That's why I break all your beds and get all the coins.
  10. We don't have beds in WL. He doesn't have to worry about his bed anymore. We just kill and kill and kill the whole day. + no crafting, no buying.

    I did exaggerate a little
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  11. Crazified

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    Hold on, you got a Legendary within 45 minutes?!

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  12. ^ it wouldn't be that bad quality if it was his screenshot (because no computer, even potato, takes that bbad picture. From YT it would be understandable).
  13. Person has 4 kills says they don't know how to pvp here
  15. Seeing his stats he did try playing , but only died 14 times and never got a kill, and that is from a video, or the screen was soo small or big that the pixel got trashed by the photoediting software xD
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  16. Okgotgame_

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    thats just a random picture I found on google. I was just trying to show that it was kinda complicated. :D
  17. Okgotgame_

    Okgotgame_ New Member

    I just took that picture of google. I was just showing how crazy and complicated everything was. Lol
  18. DTRON

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    DeadlyNoodles OFFICER
    Step one: right click

    Step two: profit
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  19. Dear @Okgotgame_
    The obstacles are never bigger than ourselves. It might seems a mess but is not... it's pure fun!!!!
    I hope to see you in-game
    We can party for some games if that helps ;)
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