1. okay, guys, I know that I can god enchant with enchanted book shelfes but here's the problem you can get up to at least 200 enchantings because (there's an achievement to enchant with that) but the max I can get is 120 does anybody know-how I enchant with 250? I would love the help thanks yall!
  2. Use packed bookshelf
  3. how do i get that?
  4. I think the achievement is to combine things in an anvil for 200 levels. That's how I did it.
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  5. 3mmet

    3mmet New Member

    Achievement is 200 levels with an anvil. I got it this morning when Max Enchanting my sword (312 Levels)
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  6. Dont, it does nothing as for better enchants and last time I check see there was a glitch with it only giving telekinesis

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