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  1. phat_1125

    phat_1125 Well-Known Member

    i just bought vip and i want to know how to get into the vip lounge and beta minigames help?
  2. To get to the vip lounge go to the main lobby and at the side of the big statue (I can't remember which one) there is the entrance to a VIP lounge.

    Currently, no testing is required at the moment but there is a server ( only VIPs can enter unless it is in Maintanence mode
  3. "Behind the red cape statue" is what I always tell people..
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  4. well how do you get in coz that doesn't work =/
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  5. This thread is over a year old. In the future, please don't Necro post.

    The VIP lounge was removed when main lobbies were changed. The VIP lobby was removed due to the EULA.

    These both no longer exist unfortunately.
  6. Komali

    Komali Well-Known Member

    This thread is almost 2 years old... ._.
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