1. Yeah, hi. It's me. I just wanna say I'm sorry for acting like a jerk in the past. It's just because I felt like when I went on forums, my opinion didn't matter. So, I just wanna forget about that. Anyway, I keep losing at SkyWars over and over. I have way more deaths than wins, and I've been doing this for multiple months now. So tell me, how do I get good at SkyWars? Any tips will help, thank you.
  2. I don't wanna install anything, plus, I don't have monies lel
  3. Work on improving your aim to get better at PvP/try turning down your mouse sensitivity. But honestly, you don't have to be good at PvP to win in SkyWars. You can use the void to your advantage in SkyWars by hitting someone off. I wouldn't advise trying to clean people because of the bulldozer perk. :p
  4. drakonsuper

    drakonsuper Well-Known Member

    Well then get cracked vape--- Gets banned bc of 2pi's great idea
  5. Just spam the game with kit like armorer or knight in normal rush mid take all the chest and use projectile it's op
  6. ABearLmao

    ABearLmao Active Member

    watch prestonplayz do pvp.
    then do the exact opposite
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  7. DiscoIsTheBestKit

    DiscoIsTheBestKit Well-Known Member

    Go disco, rush mid. Win
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  8. farewellminecraft

    farewellminecraft Well-Known Member

    Don't ever just carelessly rush into fights. Avoid people in solo who just got a kill. If you want to practice pvp go on 1v1 servers and try it there, or do hypixel duels if you think you are really bad
  9. I recommend learning how to speed bridge and to jitter click. That's how I have gotten a lot better.
  10. Chronoment

    Chronoment Member

    i would bet $20 you actually use this strategy

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