1. I already did it on google hangouts, but she's not on, so im doing it tomorrow at school

    My crush is a girl named Alicia, and here's why im nervous
    • im a girl, and she is a girl. I'm worried people will bully or pick on me
    • Most people don't know im Bi
    • she is a Catholic, and it's pretty its a sin to love someone the same gender
    • Im afraid she won't like me
    How do i confess to her?
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  2. I thought her name was Africa for a second.

    Anyway, @WAGamer perfect for you.
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  3. Oh great now he's gonna tag Hashito again ._.
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  4. If your love for her is not very serious, I don't recommend carrying on with it. Societal rejection is very likely through this way of coming out, and her parents might have a problem with you. But if you're truly devoted, I don't see why you can't ignore all those risks, and let love fuel you to happiness. :)
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  5. I wish in could take it away now.
  6. thanks. I really do love her, thanks for the advice
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  7. To be honest, I've never once in my life had romantic feelings for someone.
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  8. that's okay. not everyone does
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  9. I really hope she doesn't reject me
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  10. im so glad people support me
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  11. 1: its not a sin to love someone the same gender as u and if she doesnt get that she doesnt deserve u plus idk if she is bi but thats the ****** part of love ;/ love and support <3 hope it goes well and u should probably try to see if she is also bi first of all before even thinking of confessing
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  12. Good luck :D
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  13. thanks! This made me smile
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  14. thanks!
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  15. Fran

    Fran Well-Known Member

    I'm not very good at giving advice when it comes down to situations like these, but all I can say is good luck. Hopefully she doesn't reject you. :p
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  16. Just go up to her and be gentle, dont rush things, dont seem like you are crazy, and just go face to face and ask, and its nice you came out, we support you, and I hope she says yes! :):)
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  17. "Yerrr, I like you but I don't know if you like me, if you do then great, we can go from there, but if not lemme know so I don't waste my time"

    Feel free to change it up how you like, make it much sweeter and less blunt, and to the other kids, you shouldn't really, they aren't the ones that you like, they aren't the ones you want to be with. As for religion, dunno what to tell ya.

    And always remember; the worst thing she can say is no.

    Best of luck in the love life and don't let yourself get depressed over someone, it isn't worth it
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  18. Np
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  19. LMFAO
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  20. Waffle

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    welp, gl
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