1. yari_duym

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    A few days ago i told to all my friends to try the pit,and so they did. But upon first joining they thought:"another kitpvp?",i told them:"no this way better!". After a few fights they told me why they don't do any damage to those players that are level 100 or have leather gear and stuff. I told them why and said you need to grind this game to obtain renown and get better. They raged alot because they didn't feel balalnced against other players and couldn't kill people because 10 dudes were aiming at him. After that a raffle was about to start. After i told him about the event they said they wanted to try it. They got 2 shotted by a prestige XIX dude over and over again and he won the 2nd prize. and it's not that they can't pvp,they can beat me and i have a elo of 18,000 on another pvp server,i know that's not alot compared to other dudes but it is a bit atleast. After 4 straight hours they only got to level 30 ish. Only of assists and a bit of kills.
    At least I think that people that are new to this game should be given a proper tutorial on how everything works and need to be buffed a but until they are a certain level. Not TOO much so that higher people will get mad but a little bit. Also something like an assist-count-as-kill. A assist that counts as a kill because you did 50% or more. This will then count towards contracts and gives 3/4 the xp that a kill would get instead of 1/4 for a normal assist. This would make it a bit easier for newbies.
    The pit is in a good state right now but I think that's because when it was new everyone played it and those players are still playing it to this day. But when new people joined they are quitting because it feels unfair to them. There is a certain aspect of it that is appealing to players,like left clicking people now stop but going this closer to a new level. BUt after that it becomes a grind and that's when people start quitting in my opnion. if that's if the players who just joined didn't quit already. From all my friends i invited (wich where 6,7 people in a discord call) Only 1 liked it,no that wasn't me. The rest didn't like it and got on to play skyblock.
    I think the pit isn't going downhill but also isn't getting better. They are still upating the pit but if it doesn't attract new players and only OG's play it. Why bother? Also OG's need new players to make it fun,like to have a bad players every once in a while isntead of sweaty tryhards.
    Forgot to mention that even though it felt unfair to them they kept playing because we were there. New layers will just quit right on.
    IF this is the state the it is in right now I think it can only go downill from here and not be stable.
  2. I agree but this will probably will never be fixed
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  3. Agree with the new player related part.
  4. MrBengal

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    4 hours for level 30
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  5. yari_duym

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    Yeah i also don't know.
  6. How to easily escape/survive 90% of hunters - Go to sky and hope they don't have pull/robin, you'll have to dodge mlb and volley tho
  7. What are you talking about its not hard to level up as a low level just pvp and youll get alot of assists and a few kills, and it doesn't matter if they die either
  8. Snivib

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    I mean just don't attack the people in diamond and youre fine. It's extremely easy to get to the level to have 2 perks, and after that you generally are strong enough to have a fair fight with most people not in diamond. I mean if they actually took 4 hours to get to level 30 then honestly there's probably something else wrong with them, and i'm not trying to flame lmao.
  9. can i get a tldr
  10. yari_duym

    yari_duym New Member

    Assist give almost no xp and getting levels only from assists. Would be hard
  11. Funny how I can get prestige one on an alt in a few hours :/
  12. Springmill

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    to put it short, power gap. the game is getting much harder to grind and way more frustrating because you have to spend tons of money on mystics just to get xp at high prestiges, and need to just be good at left clicking people at low prestiges... but have to kill a crazy amount of people.
  13. 1. Just avoid to fight with high prestigies or hige level players.
    2. Don't grind in the pit area.
    3. trying to clean up
    Also this game is still a ptl so I think there will be more updates coming soon :)
    ((Although all staff are focusing on skyblock rn
  14. On my alt I got level 70 in an hour while at 40 fps. They should be able to get to level 120 pretty quickly.
    I've seen plenty of new players and they're not all bots.
    Minikloon posted recently and hopefully 0.5 or 0.4.4 or whatever is coming soon.
  15. lets hope goldenfire
  16. I got from prestige 4 to 5 in iron in like 4 hours. What the heck were you doing in that time.
  17. So yor bacically saying you want to buff the nons thats a really bar idea no offense
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  18. There are a lot of ways for those beginners to get better ya know
  19. source?
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  20. 0lts

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    Soaked SOAKED

    lol hackers are every where... i rarely play the pit anyone and I know that i am not alone...
    I get at least bhop once a day.... And it harder to play as a high prestige...

    Its much harder as a non to level up than it was in 2018.... u could play the game even if ur bad at pvp.... now the best way for nons is the unite combo xp... other than that i find it quite hard to level up

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