1. I got this idea because I have a housing that I've worked on for a year, but I want to work on other things also, so yeah multiple housings considering rank maybe ( VIP = 2, VIP+ = 3, etc. ) because it would just be a good function in my opinion overall and would let people make more housings.
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  2. I would love something like this! I reset my housing quite often to try new projects, doing so I lose all my previous work. Having multiple housing would be amazing :D
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  3. How would people see that
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  4. what do you mean?
  5. I may or may not have been waiting but whatever
  6. can you please respond
  7. I agree with this!!! "Hypixel: where should we interview? I have this mansion, this plaza, this arena, and 3,000 chinese gardens!
  8. ooh sounds like something coming in the future!
  9. how would I see all 3 houses
  10. OctoDoggo_

    OctoDoggo_ Well-Known Member

    sure noice idea
  11. I think it should be +1 housing plot at MVP.
  12. 1 extra housing per Rank!
  13. that's what I was thinking
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  14. there would be a menu you could go in and if your guest you have only 1, vip 2, and so on, so when you have one house, you go into that menu, and there are empty slots, you need to click on them to make a new house, you could name them and go back to them.
  15. I agree, multiple housing plots will allow players to make many themed builds :D
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  16. Sure, I could make a mount olypmus and the Garden of the God's.
  17. jaedonn

    jaedonn Active Member

    Puns PUN
    Yes please, I don't use housing that much, but I know people will benefit from it.
  18. Meh, I personally don't see a point in this.
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  19. the point is for more builds instead of just one housing, say you want to make a really nice build and you do, but you want more to build but don't want to get rid of that, then multiple housings is the solution.
  20. Insensible

    Insensible Well-Known Member


    This seems quite interesting. I have built a mansion which I ended up deleting because I wanted to work on other projects as well and it was somewhat sad as I had put quite some time in it...

    I would also suggest a way to download your project but I am not certain how that could work. Back to the idea; I would definitely like to see this added as I would use it myself but I don't really like the "+1 plot/rank". I think that it should be 2 Plots for Vip+ (The Starting one + 1 Plot) and 3 Plots for MVP+ (The Starting one + 2 Plots). This could also make the ranks more valuable in my opinion.

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