1. We're working on Housing Updates!


    We've been working on a major rewrite to some of the core systems in Housing. Because of this, we'll be taking Housing into maintenance later this week.

    The reasons are detailed below. This post might get a bit technical!

    The Story So Far

    Previously, Housing made use of a decentralised peer-to-peer networking system that meant the amount of players in a house could scale theoretically infinitely, being limited only by the number of servers. This, however, presented a number of problems in terms of adding new features since they all have to be replicated on a packet level. Doing so adds a lot of overhead for anyone who wanted to work on adding even the simplest of features to Housing.

    The solution is to rewrite Housing to a much simpler 1 world = 1 house system. This system is similar to how the rest of the mini-game infrastructure works on the network where players are simply connected to a server and any players you see are physically on that same server with you.

    We'll be testing this new build of Housing over the coming weeks so there may be some initial instability and limited capacity as we roll this out.

    What this means

    New features are coming!

    The simpler code will mean we can add features that would have taken months or years previously to code and we will be able to implement them in a fraction of the time. Some of the features we'd initially like to add are Pets, Companions, and Build Battle Pro Tools.

    We'll also be doing some database maintenance in order to prepare for further updates to Housing.

    Important Notes
    • Housing will be in maintenance this week
    • New features are planned
    • Houses that haven't been logged into for 6 months will be deleted
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  2. Nice features :)
    How to save a ton of storage :p
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  3. YEET
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  4. Can't wait!
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  5. YES!
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  6. Glad to hear of the code update and new features! Thanks for the devotion to Hypixel!
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  7. Apawcalypse

    Apawcalypse Active Member

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  8. Cool beans!
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  9. rip


    rip Active Member

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    So glad that housing is getting an update, the current housing is a bit weird. But does this mean that pro tools (from build battle) can be added in the future? or is this not possible considering it could crash housing if too many people use it at once.
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  10. Housing is basically coming out of beta
    another meme has died
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  11. NICE!
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  12. sykese

    sykese Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    Hypixel Show 2 confirmed? Possibly...
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  13. HYPE!
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  14. So we’re safe 100% if we’ve been in our housing past 6 months or there’s a chance it gets deleted? And how long is the maintenance period?
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  15. Housing is finally getting fixed?! You're really scaring me, Hypixel! I'm hoping there are no tricks with this long awaited treat!

    I was expecting this to occur next year around the third quarter, but I couldn't be any happier to know that I'm wrong! I'm hoping that the transition will go smoothly so Housing can be in a stable state once again.

    All I (and probably many others) wanted was to be able to play Housing for more than five minutes before getting kicked or crash. The furniture and other new features can wait. Just make Hypixel Housing playable again.
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  16. hype
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  17. I'm glad to see things are progressing. With this giant fix things should be able to be added much easier now.
    Note to adventure/escape makers: Be warned, opening gates/doors/breaking paintings will effect everyone now. If you rely on this make sure that you are aware before it changes and are not caught off guard
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  18. Wait, so opening a gate has a guest (for example, in a room escape) will open it for everyone now? Same for a guest opening a door or breaking a painting?
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  19. When this update is rolled out, yes. It's a bummer but trust me it's for the best in the long run :D
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  20. Well rip 99% of the room escape for the fence gate part :(
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