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    So I have the idea for a mod where people can run a command saying they are looking for a dragon party, and then it sends that data to a server, and then the server matchs up people so that they can summon a dragon.
    I know how I would do the programming on the server (although I'd take any recommendations as I am very inexperienced with server programming), but I was wondering how I could host the server.
    Are there any services out there that would get a server like this for free?
    It would have to run code on the server, so it can't just be a static file server.

    I've seen certain sites like sky.lea.moe and hypixel.inventivetalent.org that run server side code, and it would seem weird for them to pay money just to host a website tool for a minecraft server, so I would think that they wouldn't pay much/anything for it, but I don't have much experience so I don't really know. Obviously what I am looking for doesn't need a domain or a web interface, it would just be a GET request to a server where the server checks for other people who have also sent a request, and then responds with the matchup (or lack thereof)
    Anyway, know of a server host for this kind of thing? Preferably free, although I understand if that's unrealistic, and if it is, then say some (paid) recommendations please.

    Edit: Seems like this was the wrong section, can a mod move this to "Code Help"?
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  2. You may be surprised. Web hosting does take resources and therefore can cost money, but fortunately it's getting cheaper and cheaper every year. You're looking for an HTTP server? There are a number of free options however they might not all include what you need. If you're looking for a Minecraft server, you will not find any reliable free options there.

    If you're a student, you have a lot more options, such as those under the Github Student Developer Pack. If you are not a student, Heroku's Free plan might work for you. If you need a database to go along with that, Check out mLab which offers 512mb of MongoDB storage for free. MongoDB is the most likely type of database that you will be able to get for free. You can also try looking more free options through Googling.

    If neither of these work for you, you can still find services for cheap with pay-as-you-go plans. Here's an Article from AWS outlining how to set up a serverless web app. You could probably transfer this knowledge to other cloud computing services like Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Beware that cloud computing services like these, especially AWS, come with a high learning curve due to the extensiveness of their customizability. Heroku is one example of a cloud computing service that isn't as hard to learn, however it might not include all the tools you need to run your application.

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