1. I'm only able to hit people once in 3 seconds, something like that. I don't know if i'm the only one experiencing this "bug" i would call it.. I can't hit people who are literally next to me. Anyone else?
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  2. idk prob lag
  3. you two havin it aswell? since i'm only experiencing this in blitz
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  4. I've been getting bad hit reg too. even when I'm extremely close, my hits don't land when they should. A few other players in game have complained about this too, you're not alone lol
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  5. Seems like not everyone is having this.. i'm getting destroyed without me able to hit them. But thanks anyways
  6. SpeleX

    SpeleX Well-Known Member

    SlitForChristmas OFFICER
    Was an issue for me (can't reach more than a block.) Think they changed to 1.9 PVP
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  7. Well, it was gone for a sec but its back again for me.. and yeah, probably updating gamemodes to 1.9
  8. GhostMuffins

    GhostMuffins Well-Known Member

    dude hypixel pvp op youre just bad eggsdee
  9. thats not funny ma doode eggsdee

    ps: im highly skilled in the pvp department
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  10. Custqrd

    Custqrd Well-Known Member

    If they did I'm actually done
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  11. i swear to god if they do that im legitimately packing my bags outta hypixel
  12. Yeah, I had trouble with it today
  13. same here but tbh it wouldnt suprise me if they would do it

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