1. For context, I've been borderline obsessed with getting the highest damage possible. At first i just wanted the highest crit damage possible, which is 522% (it may be 523%, I know that 510 is possible, but theres an item called an eternal crystal which was craftable around 6 weeks ago which no longer gives stats, but has epic rarity and can be reforged for 12% crit damage. However, superior could possibly get you to 523, depending on the rounding for the set ability). I only managed 501%, as it would cost around 10 million to get the bait ring, and i've only ever seen 1 eternal crystal, and i used unstable armour instead of superior.

    The highest damage in one hit I have personally seen is 52k on discord with a 50m midas sword, and i was told by another player that xHascox has hit 60k with a pigman sword, so that was the mark i was aiming for. 80k+ is possible, however it would cost a lot of coins to get the items needed.

    I used F1 to hide some of the strategies i used. If anyone has hit higher in one hit let me know.

    (sorry if the spoiler isnt done properly im clueless with forums)
    This was using superior dragon armour, pigman sword, all talismans except eternal crystal and bait ring, with crit 3 and strength 5 pots.

    The main ways i can increase this is level 6 books, 50m midas sword, the 2 talismans previously mentioned. str 8/crit 4 and potentially hitting runic zealots, as this could give more damage from giant killer.
    If anyone has any extra info about eternal crystal or has message me in game or on discord
    Discord: Jave#6936

    Also credit to RoninAlpha for letting me use his superior armor.
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  2. EmSeeDeeEm

    EmSeeDeeEm Well-Known Member

    you can get up to strength 8 btw.
    I saw a ss of someone 1 shot a runic zealot in a discord
  3. oops yeh thats what i meant lmao
  4. I’ve never heard of an eternal crystal, what is it?
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  5. #5
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  6. If you use AOTD, the damage will be slightly higher too
  7. for the sword, 50M midas + Dragon Hunter 5 may do more dmg but I don't wanna try it :p
  8. endstone sword plus a lot of VIII mana potions could one shot any thing in theory
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  9. mooedr

    mooedr Active Member

    Dragon hunter 5 on a sword? What
  10. emerald blade can do 1M+ damage if you have billions in purse ;)
  11. It's possible (though it's a waste of money lol)
  12. Nah, emerald blade caps at 688.17 base dmg which is roughly 1.4x better than 50mil midas, so no 1M+ dmg
  13. the damage is tested against zealots, so DH5 would do nothing. with dragon you cant see your damage number, so it doesnt matter
  14. Sedoardo

    Sedoardo Active Member

    Obliterate someone isn't enough, this man wants even more
  15. Actually, giant killer caps at 25% bonus damage. No matter the level. Which is why giant killer 6 is hugely overrated, because the cap does not increase, so unless you're running some mosnter armor with 5000 health, you'll do as much damage with giant killer 5 than you would do with GK 6. So as long as you don't have a stupidly high health number, you wont be hitting runics for any more than regualr zealots. Giant killer levels just increase how much bonus damage you get (0.5% per 1% of health higher than you at lvl 5, 0.1% at level 1). Sorry if i'm confusing you.

    GK 6 in general sucks. Everything not in the end can be one hit without it and everything in the end has so much hp that GK 5 is the same thing.
  16. If you melee it, you'll be able to see (tested)
    Also it's nearly impossible but possible to F.S. The Dragon...... maybe...
  17. thats... very specific. but thanks for the info
  18. im
    pretty sure theres a cap to it
    giant killer 6 is 30%?
  19. nice i wonder if you can one shot the magma boss
  20. Someone in my guild posted a screenshot of him doing 89134 damage to a zealot and he claims he can get it over 100k

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