Should these changes be added

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Lets face it, Prop hunt is pretty broken, you have 6 minutes to find 12 props in a super small map, every known hider's spot is usually known and scouted by now, and even if the entire game doesn't know those spots, there's the constant heart thumping sound when you get closer or farther from someone. The most efficient way to hide is to become a flat item and hide in a corner at the right angle,

    What should be done:
    Two modes for Prop Hunt:
    -Physical props mode - You hide as a physical prop, limited on what block you can choose of course so you cant blend with the ground.
    -Item props - the same mode as we have now, halve the time, remove the heart thumping sound. Expand the map.
  2. Prop Hunt has far bigger issues than basic balancing at this point in time. The bugs. Need. Fixing.

    Hypixel needs to do tonnes of work on just getting the game into a functional state before they can consider how it plays balance and gameplay-wise. In it's current state, seekers should win every round, but because of how janky props are, there's a solid chance they'll just get teched out, put against props who are out of bounds, or straight up killed before they can really do anything.
  3. You made a big assumption in thinking Hypixel will do something about this.
  4. Well then why make a forum then if you aren't allowed to give feedback?
  5. No one said you aren’t allowed to give feedback lmao. It will just be ignored though.
  6. Peculia

    Peculia Member

    Many of Hypixel's games and unbalanced and broken. Maybe they just rushed the development of the game so they can probably brag about how many gamemodes they have.

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