1. Yeah I'm hyped!
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  2. There's a lot more though. It's like working with a hand tied behind your back. The devs of this server are limited to what can be done within the vanilla minecraft client (plugins don't require mods). In Hytale, the potential is much greater because they lack that limitation, and will be able to create classes/weapons/etc. directly. No longer will resource packs limit who can play. No longer will they be limited by the number of texture available in minecraft. No longer will support for multiple versions limit what can be done. Hytale will be a clean slate that will have much more potential for Warlords than minecraft ever had.
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  3. Cthuko

    Cthuko Well-Known Member

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    Indeed, there is a whole lot of potential.
    Hence I am interested in seeing what they do/if they will make Warlords 2.
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  4. The only limit will be whether or not you have a potato computer!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1
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  5. oh my goodness I was expecting a lot of hate and dislikes on this post for some absurd reason. maybe warlords isn't as bad as it was when I left. Hope to see a lot of you on Hytale Warlords *salute*
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  6. Lol why? Your idea is pretty good, its just would Hytale be smart enough to consider this idea is now the question. Or they might actually be doing this right now, since Hytale hasn't yet shown us everything
  7. oh I don't know. Last time I was here in Warlords it was kind of toxic and that was what I expected this time around. but no! I even saw some people I'd never seen before which means the game is somewhat revived I guess..

    also it's december 23rd so everyone is already happy.
  8. I guess time changes everyone, either way hope they remake Warlord in Hytale like you said
    Also, I never knew you were in our guild :eek:
  9. I never knew you were in our guild :eek: but I don't keep up with much of it anyways.. Too much stuff happening on Discord n such but yeah i've been in blue crew for 13 months now
  10. Ahh I see, I just joined like this month 12/11/18 so I'm still relativity new :p
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  11. -SoulWind-

    -SoulWind- New Member

    No Limitations? I like those words... along with the words "More Classes" (Death Knight, Demon Hunter, every other WoW class) or you could just recreate WoW into Hytale... Or at least the classes...
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  12. Also after taking a further look at the website I think warlords will be even bigger.
  13. That actually IS a good idea lol
  14. my dream
  15. Pretty sure Hypixel already announced theyre only going to be having a few old games on the hytale server
  16. im for it, pop off

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