1. If you happen to know a og name that you don't car to use ill use it. If you can help thanks. and this time this is posted in the off topic forum not the sky wars forum xD
  2. You don't need an original username. Just use a username which resembles yourself and what you like.
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  3. XD Like your name
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  4. That's the point
  5. name is og right?
  6. Emorla

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    Look on mineplex.
  7. Thanks for the adivice
  8. StupidThighs - I don't think that works
  9. namemc.com
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  10. ^
  11. open the dictionary and try every word. likely all of them are taken tho
  12. Try JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. If you get error messages saying that the name has invalid characters and/or is too long then too bad.

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