1. Wait, you guys made that map?
    Oh, I loved it! Best map ever!
  2. MasterDogee

    MasterDogee Well-Known Member

    i remember when the adventure lobby still existed
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  3. NeroExe

    NeroExe New Member

    hello I need answer of the pending matter on the ban of my account plis
  4. MrHelpful

    MrHelpful New Member

    RIP Herobrine's Mansion
    You will be missed ;-;
    (Remembers when Popularmmos made videos on it)
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  5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Now, THIS is what I remember from you Simon. The good ol' days when I brought a bunch of my friendstogetherr to play maps like these on your server back near the first release!
  6. Crayolaay

    Crayolaay New Member

    The memories <3
  7. Crayolaay

    Crayolaay New Member

    this brings back many elementary school days <3
    I remember when SkyDoesMinecraft made a lets play on this
    Herobrines Mansion will forever live on <3
  8. Hypixel, why is your profile pic your player holding a sign that says git gud? Technoblade killed you without breaking a sweat
  9. N O S T A L G I A
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  10. Unfortunately the adventure lobby isn't a thing anymore .
  11. GrafMao

    GrafMao New Member

    Great map, but the wither bossfight is not fair. The strategy with the holy water doesn't work because the holy water only works for 1 skeleton at a time, but there are way to many obsidian-skeletons to kill all of them with holy water. So, if you want to go for the wither, shoot it with this strong bow, you will get killed by the skeletons. I've tried really long: The wither just recovers to much health, and there are always more wither skeletons spawning. I somehow managed to kill it in normal mode, but it is just not possible in hard mode. And i'm not that bad in fighting. I killed all of the acolytes without any deaths. Anyways, great atmosphere, great enemies, pretty awesome map.
  12. astibind

    astibind New Member

  13. The best thing to do is let the wither be attracted to the villager and try to avoid its agro. Then, do your best to wither down the skeletons one by one till there are none. Near the portal, there's a way to climb up on the right (when facing the portal). You could draw skeletons from the arena to that area and pick them off. You could also stock up on splash healing pots prior to the battle.

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