1. magicsuperman

    magicsuperman New Member

    The problem with Zatho seems to be confusing some people, so this is how I fixed it:

    Step 1) Download Too Many Items http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/140684-151-toomanyitems-in-game-invedit-mar-23-release/
    Step 2) Download this map
    Step 3) Click on start
    Step 4) On 'Search Programs and files' type in %appdata%
    Step 5) Click on the folder called '.minecraft'
    Step 6) Click 'bin'
    Step 7) Right Click on 'Minecraft' and open it with winrar
    Step 8) Open Too Many Items .zip with winrar
    Step 9) Move all the stuff from the Too Many Items .zip into the minecraft .zip
    Step 10) Close everything down
    Step 11) Play the game!

    If Zatho doesn't spawn:

    Step 12) Open your inventory, and if the Too Many Items menu isn't open, press the o key
    Step 13) In the search box, type in 'Ward' and spawn the disc in

    Like this if this helped so others can see it!
  2. thatrandomguy

    thatrandomguy New Member

    can you whitelist me on your server mc.hypixel.net? my name is Wookiemandb1
  3. Tyeia

    Tyeia New Member

    I think its something with the redstone changes in 1.5
  4. Brutus911

    Brutus911 New Member

    My brother and I played and beat skeleton king and benetha. We went to the library, pressed button, and 2 pumpkins with gold hoes spawned. We killed them, but Zatho never came. We couldnt leave room and kept getting blinded. My brother accidentally broke button so i turned cheats one spawned a new one and placed it. No matter how many times we pressed it, Zatho never came. This is my third time playing the map (ive beaten the whole thing before) but when i played it before i got killed by pumpkins w/ goldhoes. I had recently logged on (it was lan world) and so my spawn was still chest in the woods. As i walked back to the mansion, i saw everyone else fighting a wither skelton with fire by the lake across from the skelton crypt. They said it was zatho and we beat him and beat the map. Anyway, the one my brother and i are playing on is really good (we both have nysa's beautys and daizen's hopes) and i have that demonic chestplate from Victor. I dont want to start over! Please help.
  5. Seallover8810

    Seallover8810 New Member

    when I do the zombie beinining battle the music disk does not work!
  6. Brutus911

    Brutus911 New Member

    Oh and I am on a mac so magicsuperman i cannot do what you say. I also do not want to spawn a disc for i want to beat it legitly and my brother really wants to beat Zatho (he is little and is easily disappointed and he has never seen a wither skeleton).
  7. cem


    cem New Member

    hey, there is a bug when im killing 2nd boss its just trolling and all second says can you see me now? can you see me now? please fix this bug.
  8. Noah Vancina

    Noah Vancina New Member

    zatho the mages invinceabilatiy wont wear off
  9. Mookie

    Mookie New Member

    when i kill the first dummy boss and put the music disk in the box the door doesn't open please help
  10. budder foxes

    budder foxes New Member

    Hypixel what can I do when I don't know how to play a map with friends and I am horrible at pvp and fighting mobs and im alone what should I do?
  11. TheCoolDude912

    TheCoolDude912 New Member

    I like how Skydoesminecraft an Jason played Herobrines return but i have never sawed how they play Herobrines mansion. I like when Jason is
    with bow and Sky with sword. Sky and sword is just like butter and Sky and Jason and bow i just like Jason and Jeffery/Dillon. Jason=Minecraftuniverse.
  12. Greenlantern3

    Greenlantern3 New Member

    I was trying to fight Zathos the Mage, but I can't find him anywhere in the room. But he still puts a blindness potion on me.
  13. StarNinjaLeo

    StarNinjaLeo New Member

    Awesome map, unique and some things besides the redstone is marvellous (I'll wager the weapons and potions were made via TMI.

    Played but haven't found Areita yet. The mobs are awesome and the mask you put n the mob for Herobrine is stunning.
    This is a nice game if your looking for quick Minecraft games that are masterpieces...

    Oh yeah, I wasn't sure where Zatho was (We did kill him I found out) but there was no disc, so we cheated (Everyone else says it too.
  14. RealJonik

    RealJonik New Member

    Hypixel. I think you should make a map for pixelmon. I recently got the mod but the maps for it were terrible. You would make a great pixlemon map.
  15. Brutus911

    Brutus911 New Member

    How do you give stuff to monsters
  16. Johni0702

    Johni0702 Map Expert

  17. TheCoolDude912

    TheCoolDude912 New Member

    IT'S SO MUCH LAG IN THIS MAP. X(X(X(. ONLY IN THIS MAP. Okay there was SO MUCH lag in the Wrath of the fallen.Ü
  18. xXStanleyXx

    xXStanleyXx New Member

    Please keep making these, I LOVE watching Yogscast play them! I like how you name things and enchant things like that! I can't wait to play this map! Also, would you be able to tell me how to name things with color like you do?
  19. TheCoolDude912

    TheCoolDude912 New Member

    Plz make the Herobrines mansion 3 fast plz plz plz plz!!!
  20. Lol this is a greatssssss mapsssss

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