1. HeIperLapis

    HeIperLapis New Member

    I don’t have one yet and I’m trying to get 100 I give up

    Please don’t be salty I don’t want them to show off I just want them because I want to see Helpers give one to me just for the fun of it.
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  2. Try to make a post that a Helper would want to give a lapis too. Maybe a guide that no has done before or something funny that made them laugh, or maybe you'll find a Helper who's willing to give you one :) Goodluck though
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  3. Strongly recommend not making threads/posts for the intention of getting staff ratings, often just takes you further away from them. If a guide really needs to be made, make it to help people - the ratings should just be an afterthought, not the main reason you create a guide.
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  4. Of course, but I just wanted to give him some ideas on how people have gotten Helper Lapis's. If he should make a guide, it should be created with the intent to help the people. :)
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  5. HeIperLapis

    HeIperLapis New Member

    If I were to do a guide I'd do it on my main lol
    The only purpose of this account is to see if Helpers will give it out for no reason whatsoever :p
  6. Gotcha
  7. nope
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  8. HeIperLapis

    HeIperLapis New Member

    Aw rip
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  9. Ezyo

    Ezyo Well-Known Member

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  10. iKyoto

    iKyoto Well-Known Member

    Kyoto NRDD
    brilliant idea: make a guide on how to get a helper lapis
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  11. They do but usually to friends or other staff.
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