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  1. Helper Application Writing Guide

    The Application team currently consists of RobityBobity, LadyBleu, Sambish and SamiWuvsChu. Below are some tips that we have come up with to help you when you are writing your application. I highly suggest you read this through before posting your application.

    If you have general questions about the application process please check out our FAQ thread HERE which should answer them.

    What do you look for in an application?
    Your application is supposed to show us that you have the skillset needed to take on the Helper role. The applications that we love to read are those that show flair and personality, those that clearly use their experiences to indicate why they are the right fit for the Staff team.

    Make sure your application is well presented
    The first thing we see when we open your application is the presentation, so yes it does matter. There are a few things to mention about how you can properly present your application:

    • Try not to use excessive colours in your application. We prefer the use of black font only as it’s easier to read.
    • Try not to overuse bold text, We prefer bolding only the questions as again it makes it easier to read.
    • Try to avoid excessive use of smilies, it makes your application look a lot messier when it is 90% emoticons and 10% text.
    • Make sure you check the spelling on your application. We understand that English isn’t everyone’s first language but please try to make sure your sentences make sense.
    These are just tips on how to structure your application, of course if you want to get more creative with art etc you are welcome to do so!

    Make sure you explain any statements you make and how they relate to the role you are applying for.
    It’s important to understand that the reader has to learn about you only from what you put in your application. Whenever you make a statement like “I am this..” , “I did this..”, ensure you follow it with an explanation as to why that is important for us to know. Give some examples to show that you have developed certain skills, explain why your experiences demonstrate you are right for the Helper role.

    Obviously use common sense here, we don’t need an explanation for simple statements like age or timezone. However there is often a rumour that the Applications team doesn’t like detailed applications. That is untrue, the less you put in your application the harder it is for us to decide whether you are the right fit for the Helper role.

    Make your application unique to you
    Your application is supposed to be a reflection of who you are. There have been over 70,000 applications posted on the Hypixel Network and you have no idea how similar some of them can be. We know that you all have skills, experiences and personality traits that make you unique and we want to see those reflected in your application. Read through your answers and ask yourself whether you could put your answer on anyone else's application and it would fit. If the answer is yes then consider changing it, making sure that it fits your individual thoughts, experiences and traits.

    Secondly, people often tell us that there is nowhere to put extra information in their application. Yes, you do have to respond to every question in the format, however, you are free to add your own questions and spin on it if you wish. It is your application and you are free to be as creative with it as you like.

    Be honest in your application
    It is obvious to us when you write things that you think we want to hear but are not an accurate representation of yourself. If you’re applying for staff then you are clearly passionate about the server, don’t focus so much on trying to say the right thing. Instead focus on your passion for being a Helper and that will show your potential.

    Secondly, don’t hide your infractions. We background check all applicants and if you lie on your application it will lead to instant denial. As mentioned in the FAQ thread, we do not instantly deny you for having previous infractions if you can show that you have matured since then.
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