1. hi everyone!

    so im looking for a freelook mod, a mod that makes you be able to be in f5 and turn around without actually moving in the game.

    Its the mod in balloon but I want it so I dont need to use balloon since I have other mods in forge

    I currently cannot find one for 1.8.9 that is not bankable on Hypixel, so if you know one, please reply with a link or sometimes idk

  2. IzMatt

    IzMatt Active Member

    TheHerd HERD
    Badlion client has this available with their client
  3. I'm pretty sure that mod is not allowed. It gives 360 vision, correct? It's kind of like a weaker version of free cam.
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  4. It’s allowed, it’s basically a modified f5 that allows you to press one and hold one button to change the view instead of multiple presses.
  5. Can someone send me a download???
  6. OfficialPikachu

    OfficialPikachu Well-Known Member

    You need to download Badlion, then you can turn it on in the settings.
  7. You can use the Badlion Client to get this Mod or download a Mod that is exactly like it for Forge to use the mod.

    Which you can get Badlion Client: HERE
  8. im on a Mac so balloon dosent support Macs so can you send me a link to the jar file? to put in mods folder for forge?
  9. There are a few videos on Youtube, feel free to DM me on here and I can give you the video link.

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