1. Alright so I’m pretty new to coding (not really). I code in HTML and was asked by someone to code them a website. They said they’d just need a price and they’d be willing to pay. I obviously could just charge him a big amount to profit a lot however I’m not like that. So I was wondering if charging like this is fair.
    I’d charge him 250$ for the initial code of the website itself. Then charge 30$ a month to constantly update the website with new images he’d like. Seeing as the website would be related to construction. The domain and site hosted are gonna be up for 3 years so that’s he 1080$ he’d pay me then around 250$ for the website and domain combined. Meaning I’d get paid around 1300$ in 3 years from him. Does that appear fair?
  2. It really depends on the content of the website and its complexity.

    I feel like $250 is a reasonable starting price for the website if it's being created purely from the client's requirements, and from scratch. Pre-existing templates and such are not ideal as most of the work is already done, however I'm not expecting this is what you're planning to do.

    When you say you code in HTML, does that include its related languages such as CSS, PHP, JS, etc?

    For my previous website-related projects, I've typically charged between $150-600. I charge based upon the time it took me to complete the project and its features.

    However, I believe that charging $30 a month for updating images is a bit much. They essentially just require a file upload and potentially a single file location change in the HTML. But again, I don't really know how many images you're talking about. Maintaining the website is important however what you could do is implement a feature so the client is able to upload their own images, meaning you could charge them slightly more in the base price.

    Hope this helps, and feel free to message me if you have any further questions or queries :)

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