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  1. I believe that hypixel's current system is a little bit wrong. You only temporary ban VIPs or MVPs, but permanently ban regular players. I understand that part of the reason may be because you need funds to support the server. I think that only temporary banning promotes hacks, which just makes the server miserable when forced to play with a hacker. It may make the player stop, but why stop when you will only get temporary banned? Let me know if there is any information I do not know about. -SoccerRocks36
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  2. Temp bans punish the player by not allowing them to play on the server for a specified amount of time. If the player decides to continue hacking after the temp ban expires, the punishment worsens.
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  3. I see what your telling me is basically you can not ban ranked hackers because they support the server? I guess that makes sense because I want a server to play on even if it is full of hackers....
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    Everyone starts with a temp ban, if you continue you get perma banned. Doesnt matter if you are a rank. Hypixel has banned a person that donated over $500 dollars. On hypixel donating doesnt make you invincible
  5. Ranked hackers do get banned. Though it's less likely that a person would hack on a server they spent money on, a hacker is a hacker no matter what rank they are.
  6. Also, please come out with the feature I noticed hypixel was currently working on. /report will help you save time instead of spending a good 20 minutes on making the report video.
  7. Sorry Bob, not meant for you. Also thank you everyone for the information.
  8. I got banned for no reason... I think I got hacked
  9. If you feel as if you were wrongly banned, please make an appeal in the appeals section of the forums and be sure to use the correct format.

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