1. I had 42 grilled pork in my inventory and when i picked it up to put it in another slot, the server did the close thing and then i look in my inventory and its gone. someone please help me if i can get it back. i have screenshot evidence from taking screenies. please if someone can help me, if i cant get it back im most likely gonna quit.

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  2. OutlawZockt

    OutlawZockt Active Member

    look at the deliveries at Jerry or use the command…. /pickup….. something with pickup
  3. That why i dont drag things i just press number
    And likely admin wont give you anything ::((
  4. didn't work
  5. how do i contact an admin
  6. OutlawZockt

    OutlawZockt Active Member

    than.. nobody can help you, sorry.
  7. that's tuff
  8. I don’t care!
  9. tf then why did you comment
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  10. very toxic man
  11. Try /pickupstash
    That should work :)
  12. didnt work either :(
  13. Spin4teamx

    Spin4teamx New Member

    Maybe try going to jerry, and click on the deliverers button. He might have it.
  14. already tried
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  16. XEnd_14

    XEnd_14 Member

    Try /pickupstash
  17. all ready did
  18. XEnd_14

    XEnd_14 Member

    Well if that dosent work nothing will.
    U wont get it back since admins dosent care about ppl withou YT rank.

    Rip same thnig happened to my aotd 2 monhts ago.
  19. If you're gonna threaten us on the forums to quit, then just quit. I doubt anyone cares about you quitting to raging.
  20. I’m not threatening anything or anyone

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