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    so I logged on yesterday and my sword wasn't there and my extra legging so I thought it might be a bug so I reported it on the bug report thing and know I its not a bug now because all my 1.6 mil leaping sword all my armor (half unstable half young) and a bunch of enchanted stuff is missing basically all my time playing this game. I would like to see if an admin or helper could get my stuff back and try and find how to fix this. It was about 10 mil to 15 mil worth of stuff and that's a lot for me. Hopefully someone can help me thx.
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  2. Same thing happened to me today. My account apparently got hacked. I know that, because I was AFK and when I got home, there was a kick message on my screen: "You've logged in from another location" or something similar to this. Most of my valuable stuff was gone. I didn't have gear as good as yours, but it was still something: fully enchanted aote, runnan's bow, ender set, magma set, dragon fragments, fully enchanted challenger's rod, some minions. The big thing that was stolen from me were 4.7m coins.. which I've worked on the past 2 weeks.

    It's such a shame that staff says it's not their concern. :)

    Also I do know the one who did this, because when he "transfered" the coins from my account to his, he didn't take the item on my account, so I know his name.

    I should mention that I haven't done anything sketchy with my account. Just played daily during the last month only on Hypixel, mostly SkyBlock. Before that I didn't touch Minecraft for years. I've never shared the account with anyone. The profile wasn't a co-op, I like to play solo. Also I had Security Questions activated.
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  4. Ooh, that's a big rip.
    You might want to report that to Mojang!

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