1. Hi!

    I don't know if I have posted here or not yet but oh well.

    My favourite game on Hypixel is probably Build Battle. I may not be the best builder but I love love love a good challenge! So if you ever see me online I'm probably in a Build Battle game lol

    I also love watching tv shows such as Riverdale, Brooklyn 99, Parks and Rec, Modern Family and Spongebob! I also love baking. And watching cooking shows like the Great British Bake Off. (I'm not from the UK, I'm from New Zealand :p )

    p.s - what is Karma in game? what's the use of it?

    See you around!!!!

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  2. Wow! Nice intro, welcome to the forums!! I enjoy baking shows, too c:
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  3. Welcome to the forums! For your information, Karma does absolutely nothing. But it is always watching...
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  4. HXK


    HXK Active Member

    Welcome!!!! :D
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  5. Welcome to the forums!
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  6. Hey, Welcome to the official forums of Hypixel! Check my signature for a little bit of help!
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  7. Hey, toastedmeringues.

    Welcome to the Forums. Start a Conversation with me if you need any help on the Forums or if you have a questions.
    And look at my Signature for some quick links to reporting a rule breaker or Forums games and more ;)

    ~ kekybra
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  8. Henlo Spongey, welcome to Forums. :) I love Modern Family!
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  9. Welcome to the Hypixel Forums! :D
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  10. welcome

    someone made me say that..
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  11. Welcome!!!
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  12. Hi spongey!!! It's good to see you made an introduction :)))
    Since you already know me I guess I'll just answer your question- karma doesn't do anything but it does show how active and positive you are!
    ps you're not a
    b O
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