1. Hey guys,

    not sure how many of you guys know me, but I got a couple of questions. I haven't been on the Hypixel server in a while but i'm getting pretty bored and want to see how things are. I haven't been on in months and am just about to sign on now, its blitz the same as it used to be? what's new? who still plays? was there an update to it that maybe made it better?
  2. do you do the pvp? if yes then you click
    if no then no
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  3. Blitz is generally the same, while the playerbase constantly rotates in and out, the same sort of mentality is kept. The updates make the game a tad more interesting for a month, and usually bring back old players & AP grinders that cheat.
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  4. There was an update, but the hype has slowed and games take longer to fill now.
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  5. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    Hey xman you hackusated me so I figured I’d respond. Not everyone who goes for achievements does it for the points lol. :)
  6. you sure that's not just cuz school started?
  7. well yeah that's another reason xd
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  8. Idk what how long ago you’re referring to, but sirhuntpredator has said that their is going to be a bsg update sometime soon, which should be helpful for the game. Some of the changes include: golem and armored nerf, and pigman, Viking, warlock buffs to name a few.
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  9. blitz hour
  10. Bayer84

    Bayer84 Member

    y is armored getting nerfed
  11. Excuse me but where have you been?!
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  12. flyyy_

    flyyy_ Well-Known Member

    Aftermath 76
    it's sorta died i guess
    big update, you can prestige kits for a complete waste of 2mil, all cosmetic
    golem will get nerf soon since it's real OP
    nokits is like nothing except for like a period of a couple hours during the day
    and i suck lmao
  13. Thanks for the responses guys, i'm going to play a couple games right now and see how it is :)

    Missed ya buddy message me if you see me on.
  14. There's an hour where everyone gets maxed kits and double coins (it becomes hacking city)
    Kit changes and a few more kits (don't worry none of the new kits are good)
    Low level kits are a lot stronger (archer gets a dia helm at lvl 5 now lOl)

    oh yeah and
    and that's the update summed up.
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  15. meyi

    meyi Well-Known Member

    Fading Echoes ECHOES
    oh yeah you're the guy that got your helper friend to tell me to be nice to you lol... fun times!
  16. Wait so now there's god games?
  17. Every four hours, yes (just without the double health and 100 people ;p)
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  18. wb dude
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  19. they now don't need to fill! when no one is online you just get how ever many alts you have! Can be 1 alt-30 alts, then join a game with 0 people! Then you get FREE kills!!!
  20. no body care

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