1. ayy it's my year
  2. I wonder how happy Technoblade is about this being the year of the rat now instead of year of the pig?
  3. Ok¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  4. I wonder when it ends
  5. Happy lunar new year!
  6. happy chinese new year!!
    (idk why u guys calling this lunar year "rat" in english...... rat........ disgusting)
  7. Because that's how Chinese New Years work? You can look it up, they have about twelve animals they cycle through, and this one's the rat.
  8. Wait where are the Skyblock Cosmetics q-q
  9. i CaNt finD LuNAr LoOT CheSts oN The ShOp tAke My MoNeY PlEaSe
  10. nolying

    nolying Well-Known Member

    pray for china
  11. Artemis Cloak does not work
  12. Time to make sw update... Plz thx .
  13. #153
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  14. technoblade's gonna cry
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  15. I know that because I'm chinese
    rats is bigger than mice and...... I dislike 'em anyway
    (yea, my native language word "鼠" could be refer to "rat" or "mouse",howevr, ik diffence between rats && mice)
    (idk who translated "鼠" into "rat",that's awful)
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  16. Cool! Excited to try out some of the new cosmetics, and I always look forward to map reskins!
  17. 3 of the doubles maps aren’t even in rotation :(
  18. I m chinese
    so happy chinese new year guys lol
  19. Haha, this is my year!
  20. oh no i think i just missed the event i got a new monitor yesterday and i think its already gone D:

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