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    So could u hook me up with that hot potato in ur inv?
  2. Yessssssssss
  3. It looks good but please fix the bug with Jamie the npc, I’ve reported the bug to you and I haven’t got any response.
  4. about time... YES
  5. Have all 2017 and 2018 but they dont show, kinda a bug i guess
  6. Oh sh*t this update is awesome!
    Great work and thanks, can’t wait to play
  7. HYPE!!!:D
  8. Cool though I really hopes for battle royale to be back :(
  9. Citation needed textfonttextfont

    Also where's battle royale
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  10. #150
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  11. he was talking about advent proof gadget i think
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  12. if u think im gonna play this game just to get those holiday achievements,,, u damn right i ain't got no friends
  13. This is what I planned to spend 4million on in the auction house.

    Time to horde more boxes and open them years from now.
  14. Dang, this years added a lot. Can't wait to try it all out :O
  15. Epic update. Happy Holidays!
  16. Thanks to all the developers of the Hypixel, thank you everyone for such a wonderful server. Thank you to each player for supporting the server! After all, by supporting the server, we make it better. And the better the server - the more enjoyable to play us! I congratulate all urs with new year and wish all you happiness, successes in life and on Hypixel! Ho-ho-ho!

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  17. ok mommey
  18. how's it already December?
  19. *goes to pigical channel instantly*
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