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    Hey hey,

    It's finally December and everyone here at Hypixel has been working hard on new content to get you in the spirits! Today, the first of a series of Holidays-themed updates has arrived on Hypixel - and there is a lot to explore!

    This update contains these NEW features:
    • SkyBlock Merry Cosmetics
    • Updated SkyWars, Bed Wars, and Murder Mystery Merry Loot Chests with many new cosmetics!
    • Merry Mystery Boxes filled with a bunch of new content!
    • New Seasonal Quests for Build Battle and TNT Games
    • New Murder Mystery & SkyWars maps
    • 13 new Holidays-themed achievements
    • Main Lobby: Reskinned map, /snow command (Snow Particles), new Snowball Fight lobby game
    With these returning features from previous events:
    • Advent Calendar: Get a gift from Hypixel every day until the 25th!
    • Grinch Simulator & Santa Says return!
    • 12 reskinned maps for Bed Wars and SkyWars
    • Present Hunt: Find 88 presents in a variety of lobbies!
    Keep reading to learn all about the additions!

    Updated Winter Main Lobby


    The Main Lobby received a winter redesign for this year's event! Here are some of the things you can do:
    • Present Hunt (Find all 88 Presents, of which 40 are in the Main Lobby)
    • New Snowball Fight microgame (in the town behind the portal)
    • Bouncy Castle (behind the spawn on the left-hand side)

    [ Developer Note: We have just pushed an update to fix the Present Hunt locations. You should now be able to find all the gifts! ]


    With this update we have also added brand new lobby cosmetics which you can find in Holiday Mystery Boxes! Of course all winter-themed lobby cosmetics from previous events are still available in this year's Holiday Mystery Boxes.

    • Candy Spiral Cloak (Legendary)
    • Candy Cane Cloak (Legendary)
    • Menorah Cloak (Legendary)
    • Sweetwings Cloak (Legendary)
    • Yeti Suit
      • Yeti Suit Hat (Legendary)
      • Yeti Suit Chestplate (Epic)
      • Yeti Suit Leggings (Epic)
      • Yeti Suit Boots (Rare)
    • Elf Suit
      • Elf Suit Hat (Legendary)
      • Elf Suit Chestplate (Epic)
      • Elf Suit Leggings (Epic)
      • Elf Suit Boots (Rare)
    Particle Packs
    • Frozen Particle Pack (Epic)
    • Tinsel Particle Pack (Epic)
    • Snow Trail Particle Pack (Epic)
    • Firework Launcher Gadget (Rare)
    • New Year Countdown Gadget (Rare)
    • Cornucopia Gadget (Epic)
    Click Effects
    • Present Click Effect (Epic)
    • Holiday Firework Click Effect (Epic)
    • Frozen Zombie Pet (Epic)
    • Frozen Skeleton Pet (Epic)
    Advent Calendar


    The Hypixel Advent Calendar returns with updates rewards and a new design! You can claim a new gift every day until the 25th December. Speak to the Delivery Man in any lobby to collect your gift! The first and second day are claimable any day so you don't miss out on any of these rewards!

    We've added a new "Advent Calendar Rewards Claimed" status available to all players with an active MVP++ subscription!

    And lastly, we updated the Advent Proof Gadget to support every year of the Advent Calendar, so you can show off how many rewards you've claimed for previous and upcoming years.



    SkyBlock Merry Cosmetics

    You can claim these cosmetics via the Gingerbread Man in the SkyBlock hub!


    Sprays (in order left to right, top to bottom)
    • Boom Spray (MVP++)
    • Chimney Spray (VIP+)
    • Santa Jerry Spray (MVP+)
    • Presents Spray (MVP++)
    • Snowball Spray (MVP)
    • Trap Spray (VIP)
    • Wreath Spray (VIP+)
    • Christmas Tree Spray (MVP+)
    • Nutcracker Furniture (VIP+)
    • Tall Holiday Tree Furniture (MVP)
    • Candle Arch Furniture (MVP+)
    • Snowman Furniture (MVP++)
    • Stocking Furniture (VIP)
    • Garland Furniture (MVP)
    • Small Holiday Tree Furniture (MVP+)
    • Present Stack Furniture (VIP)

    Minion Skins
    • Grinch Minion Skin (MVP+)
    • Santa Minion Skin (VIP+)
    • Gingerbread Man Minion Skin (MVP++)
    Bed Wars, SkyWars, and Murder Mystery Merry Loot Chests


    During this Winter event, you will be able to receive a free Merry Loot Chest by visiting the Shopkeeper in any SkyWars, Bed Wars, and Murder Mystery lobby!

    All Loot Chests received by leveling up in Bed Wars and all Loot Chests received through Merry Quests in Bed Wars, SkyWars, and Murder Mystery will be Merry Loot Chests.

    Please note that loot chests received from the Weekly Quest: Free Loot Chest in SkyWars will not give you a Merry Chest.

    Merry Chests contain the new seasonal cosmetics as well as the existing normal and previous Merry cosmetics. Merry Loot Chests can only be purchased or unlocked during the seasonal event, and you can buy Merry cosmetics directly using the game's currency!

    ▶ Available in Bed Wars, SkyWars, and Murder Mystery


    Sprays (Bed Wars and SkyWars)
    • Surprise Snowball (Rare)
    • Sleep Well (Epic)
    • Snowball Spammer (Epic)
    • Snowman Rampage (Legendary)
    Kill Effects (Bed Wars and SkyWars)
    • Gift Explosion Kill Effect (Epic)
    • Holiday Tree Kill Effect (Legendary)
    Victory Dances
    • Abominable Snowman Victory Dance (Legendary)
    Projectile Trails
    • Snowball Rain Projectile Trail (Epic)
    • Merry Projectile Trail (Legendary)
    ▶ Bed Wars Only Merry Cosmetics

    Island Toppers
    • Snowman Island Topper (Legendary)
    • Sleigh Island Topper (Legendary)
    • Robin Island Topper (Rare)
    • Bell Island Topper (Epic)
    • Penguin Island Topper (Epic)
    • Reindeer Glyph (Legendary)
    • Stocking Glyph (Legendary)
    Shopkeeper Skins
    • Mr. Giftman Shopkeeper Skin (Epic)
    • Reindeer Animated Shopkeeper Skin (Legendary)
    ▶ SkyWars Only Merry Cosmetics

    • Grinch Balloon (Rare)
    • Gingerbread Man Balloon (Legendary)
    • Tinsel Cage (Epic)
    Death Cries
    • Merry Jingle Death Cry (Legendary)
    ▶ Murder Mystery Only Merry Cosmetics


    Kill Notes
    • Candy King Kill Note (Epic)
    • Christmas Tree Kill Note (Common)
    • Fireworks Kill Note (Common)
    • Mob Party Kill Note (Epic)
    • Careful Santa Kill Note (Common)
    • Snowball Fight Kill Note (Rare)
    • Snowman Rampage Kill Note (Legendary)
    Animated Hats
    • Reindeer Animated Hat (Legendary)
    Death Cries
    • Sad Puppy Death Cry (Rare)
    • Grumpy Villager Death Cry (Rare)
    • Rage Death Cry (Legendary)
    Knife Skins
    • Rudolph's Nose Knife Skin (Redstone Torch) (Holiday Quest Exclusive)
    Seasonal Maps
    You can enjoy these thrilling, Winter-themed maps in Bed Wars, SkyWars, and Murder Mystery!

    Bed Wars Gingerbread (Teams)

    Bed Wars Lotus Reskin (Solo/Doubles)

    Bed Wars Nutcracker (Solo/Doubles)

    Bed Wars Stonekeep Reskin (Teams)

    [​IMG]Bed Wars Winterland (Solo/Doubles)

    [​IMG]Bed Wars Wrapped Up (Teams)

    [​IMG]SkyWars Candylane

    [​IMG]SkyWars Fruitcake

    [​IMG]SkyWars Glazed

    [​IMG]SkyWars Plateau

    [​IMG]SkyWars Wreath

    Murder Mystery Snowglobe
    Seasonal Quests
    All quests from last year's event are making a comeback with adjusted rewards!

    Bed Wars Special Daily: Gifting Spirit

    SkyWars Special Daily: Skywars North Pole

    Build Battle Special Daily: Holiday

    Build Battle Special Weekly: Holiday Madness

    TNT Games Special Weekly: Candy Cane Quest

    Murder Mystery Special Weekly Quest: Big Time Santa

    New Achievements
    We added 13 brand new Holidays-themed achievements across the network, adding up to a total of 230 new achievement points!
    • The Hunt Begins (2019) - 5 Achievement Points
      Find 2 lobby presents
    • Real Santa (2019) - 15 Achievement Points
      Find all 88 presents in every lobby
    • Advent Calendar (2019) - 5-10-15-20-25 Achievement Points
      Claim 1-3-7-14-21 days in the Advent Calendar
    • To War! - 5 Achievement Points
      Join the Snowball Fight in the Main Lobby
    • Explosive Candy - 10 Achievement Points
      Complete the Candy Cane Special Weekly Quest in TNT Games
    • Spreading the Love - 10 Achievement Points
      Get a kill with the Merry Projectile Trail in SkyWars
    • Today's the Day - 5 Achievement Points
      Claim the 25th day of an Advent Calendar
    • Rush Rush Rush - 10 Achievement Points
      Complete the Holiday Madness Special Weekly Quest in Build Battle
    • Ice Breaker - 5 Achievement Points
      Punch a Frozen Zombie Pet in a lobby
    • Ice Helper - 5 Achievement Points
      Punch a Frozen Skeleton Pet in a lobby
    • Present Collector - 5-10-15-20-25 Achievement Points
      Give in 5-50-250-500-1000 presents in Bed Wars
    • Friendly Fire - 5 Achievement Points
      Get hit by your own Snowman in Murder Mystery
    • Secret Achievement - 5 Achievement Points
    We have also enabled all 30 seasonal achievements from last year's event!

    Stay tuned because we have more winter updates planned for the month of December. We will post about any future updates here on the website and on our Twitter!

    The Hypixel team wishes everyone joyful Holidays and an amazing time with their family & friends! As always, report all bugs here so we can fix them as soon as possible!
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    1000 presents in bedwars, ok
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  3. Awesome!
    Waited a full year for grinch simulator to come back!
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  4. Nice! Now I need to find all of the presents.
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    This is a gamer moment
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  6. Ah, Happy Holidays all.
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    Get your YouTube feeds ready for a billion [2019] [Hypixel] [180k EXP] ALL CHRISTMAS PRESENT LOCATIONS videos
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    Comment quickly people we need that front page!

    Also Finally some new maps for skywars! We needed this so bad :rolleyes:
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    Xecute X
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  10. Happy Holidays everyone!
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    hey brad
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  12. Happy Holidays =D !!!!!
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  13. YAY
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  14. Do these things:
    1: Nerf the tiered presents down to at least 250. 1k is ridiculous
    2: Make presents that your teammates turn in count towards the achievement for everyone on the team.
    3: change the build battle weekly to x games played instead
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  15. In b4 all the “Finding all the presents!” videos start coming out.
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