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  1. It's that time of the year, and things on Hypixel are about to get... spooooooooky. We just released our first batch of Halloween-themed tricks and treats available to enjoy now on the server.

    This update includes a new Halloween-themed main lobby to explore with fun games and activities. We have added re-themed maps for Bed Wars and SkyWars. For the duration of the Halloween season, Bed Wars Loot Chests are now Spooky Chests containing all new seasonal cosmetics, and there's a new themed quest to complete. And later in the month we'll be introducing a new Zombies map, and a whole new PTL game.

    Halloween Lobby
    We updated our Main Lobby earlier in the year, and for Halloween we've re-themed the entire lobby and added several new activities. Explore ghost ships, unearthly beasts and an actual sharknado!


    We've added new activities for you to complete. Click the Halloween Guide NPC for more detailed info:
    • Ghost Hunt - Scattered throughout the lobby are 30+ ghostly heads with green particles. Right-click each head to release the spirit of the ghost. Complete the hunt to receive some rewards.
    • Turbo Bat Racers - In the main tower behind spawn you can participate in 3 bat-rider races. Stand in the play zone and wait for the countdown to begin, then press space to jump through rings that spawn in the lobby. Can you get on the leaderboards?
    • Smashing Pumpkins - Smash all the pumpkins as fast as you can in the pumpkin patch to the right behind the portal
    • Halloween Achievements - We've added 15 special Seasonal achievements. Can you unlock them all?
    The Halloween Lobby and its activities will be live from now until November 7th, so make sure to check it out before then. Read on the to find out more of the terrifying details!

    New Themed Maps
    As we've done in the past, we have re-themed several of the server's most popular maps to be a little more horrifying! In SkyWars you can play on Halloween versions of Memorial, Tribute and Shire, and in Bed Wars you can play spooky versions of Speedway and Eastwood. See below for pics, or select them now using the MVP+ Map Selector.


    Bed Wars Gets Spooky
    From now until November 7th, all Bed Wars Loot Chests earned in-game or purchased on the store are now Spooky Chests! These special limited chests have a chance to drop Halloween-themed Spooky cosmetics including victory dances, island toppers, sprays and more. Any regular Loot Chests you already had will remain in your inventory and can be opened as per usual.


    You can also purchase seasonal cosmetics using coins during the Halloween period for an increased price. But be warned, once Halloween ends on Hypixel you won't be able to earn or purchase any of these cosmetics, so make sure you unlock the ones you want before November 7th!


    There's also a special quest to complete - when you kill players in Bed Wars, they drop pumpkins. Bring pumpkins back to the Shopkeeper (open the menu with pumpkins in your inventory) to deposit the pumpkins. Can you complete the weekly quest?

    Halloween Mystery Boxes
    As well as Bed Wars Spooky Chests, we've also brought back Halloween Mystery Boxes containing the same limited seasonal cosmetics as last year. Purchase them now on our store for a chance to complete your lobby cosmetics collection!

    You can also find these boxes by playing games across the server, and if you are VIP, VIP+, MVP or MVP+ ranked you can claim some free boxes from the Delivery Man.

    More to come
    But that's not all! We are working on more stuff behind the scenes we plan to release throughout October / Early November including a new map and set of 30 rounds for Zombies in the PTL, and 2 new PTL games. We think you'll really enjoy what we're making!

    Thanks for reading, and from all of us at the Hypixel team we wish you a very Happy (and Spooky) Halloween!
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    The first time I was actually in the leaderboard
    rip im out already

    Anyways, sp00ky hypee, happy halloween :)
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    First page for once?
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    First page wooo
    Thx for update btw
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  10. I love how all of the Halloween maps look.

    Nice job!
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  11. Nice!
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  12. This looks AWESOME!!
    I KNEW the Halloween event was coming, how could I be so STUPID to buy Dragon Rider Victory Dance ;-;
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  13. HYPE!

    Happy halloween!
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    Is there gonna be a sale?
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  15. Oh yes baby
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  16. Nice achievements :D
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  17. Happy halloween everyone! :D
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    Hype! :eek:
    Why I have to have school rn :D
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  20. Happy Halloween everyone! :)
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