1. Or if the builder holds green and blue wool, and then glass and you guess "atmosphere"... or the builder holds purple terracotta and you guess "eggplant"... the amount of hackusations can be annoying from the fluke guesses that start to become more common as you play more and learn more themes.

    Or.... when the builder holds a saddle and you are the only one to see it and then the builder takes out wood planks and builds a shapeless blob.... it's hard to explain that one to the other players xD
  2. ye i mean. When it comes to tree based blocks, first things I guess are Palm tree and treehouse which are usually right
  3. youre using a hack called "creativity"
  4. I seen this with pvp before... but with building? That’s sad... I almost feel bad for the people who said you where hackusating because they don’t know how to build or the games basic mechanics
  5. 4joy

    4joy Well-Known Member

    not everyone uses badlion client lol
  6. BigChungus

    BigChungus Well-Known Member

    I always turn on my reach and kill aura whenever I play build battle. It actually allows me to build faster.
  7. did i say that? no

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