1. Snivib

    Snivib New Member

    Every time there is a hacker running around the pit bhopping and using kill aura, it takes forever for them to get banned, if they ever do. They ruin the game mode for everyone, especially people that are in expensive gear and streaking. They ruin events completely and its frustrating. I don't understand how there are hundreds of people playing this game mode at any given time, and tens of thousands of players on the server, and it takes longer for people to get banned than it does a server with 20 people on it. There aren't even that many people that are hacking compared to how many are playing, and it's very obvious when they are doing it. Not to mention that surely they have dozens of reports on them within minutes based off of the people complaining in chat.
    Kind of just ranting.. I'm sort of new so maybe this is the norm which is sad. I just can't understand how they last more than 3 minutes running around hitting 10 people at once lmao.
  2. Are you recording and reporting them on the forums as well? Simon also stated new people are coming by 2020 to mainly focus on cheat prevention, so that'll hopefully fix a lot of complaints.
  3. i've got like 20 gb of recording hackers. 2020 gonna be a good year for the pit. #roaring20s
  4. Yeah, this is the norm. The good thing about hoppers not being banned is that you can get a hopper to defend you against other hoppers. I'm not supporting this, it's just a possibility.
    You can just switch lobbies if you're getting targeted by a hopper.
  5. 0lts

    0lts Well-Known Member

    lol some bhoppers gets banned in minutes
  6. The time varies from minutes to days
  7. always funny when prestige x plus get banned

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