what x should i purchase

  1. hunter

  2. astronaut

  3. speleologist

  4. other (please comment)

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  1. @sitowitz please help me decide what x i need to get next bro please i need help
    haha yes.png

    no but really, originally i was planning on purchasing astronaut x but after reviewing hunter i noticed that its actually a pretty solid kit. i also dont see anything wrong with speleologist either. let me know which one i should get lol
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  2. um thats kinda mean.
  3. I think hunter fits you perfectly
  4. same tbh
  5. Hunter or Astro
  6. BaccaNICK

    BaccaNICK New Member

    I think you should get ramob! CAN I HAVE MY FUNNY LOL EMOJU NOW?!?! HAHA!
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  7. Angrybirdstar

    Angrybirdstar Well-Known Member

    Hunter is easily the best and most fun.
  8. i mean i disagree, astronaut is fun as hell but i do think hunter is better pvp wise
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  9. hunter is a decent and fun kit but you have to play safe and time your speed pots
  10. eeriness

    eeriness Well-Known Member

    Drops DROPS
    Tbh, hunter is only good if the person that you're fighting doesn't know how to counter it; if you're fighting someone that knows how to counter it, it's not that great ngl.
  11. yeah a healer kit like baker can easily counter it
  12. thats noooooooot correeeeeeect
  14. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    Please keep chat appropriate! :)
  15. h o r s e
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  16. Florist is the only good kit
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  17. get speleologist girl
    I personally like how people don't notice when i use 4 block reach, because I have "The Pickaxe"
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  18. reaperreaperreaperreaperreaperreaperreaperreaperreaperreaperreaperreaper

    But of these 3 kits:
    Astro is probably the most fun of the kits, however outside of moonbase and alice, you'll find that it doesn't really give you anything that knight doesn't already have.
    Hunter is fantastic, though it did receive a nerf, its still definitely an A tier kit.
    Spele is literally the worst kit in the game, why would you consider it? You already have knight, which is literally better than spele in every way. Did you drop your brain?
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  19. I thought you were going for astro lol.

    I think hunter and astro are both good for you.

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