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    About the BlackDragons

    The BlackDragons is a new guild. At the moment most of our members are Dutch but everyone who speaks english is welcome. We basically play all games on the server but Blitz is the favorite of most of our members. Our goal is to make a fun guild with lots of nice and skilled players. Everyone is welcome to join us.


    If you want to join us just leave a comment with the following information:
    Your best/favorite gamemode
    Your rank on the server
    How much you play​


    -- Guild Master --

    -- Guild Officers --

    -- Guild Members --
    we won't post our members here anymore, the most active members wil be posted when there is a new rank for them.

    Notice Board

    Members can put this picture in their signature:


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  3. Hooded_1

    Hooded_1 New Member

    Hey, this guild so far looks promising. So my IGN is Hooded_1, I am a non-VIP player, I would have to say my favourite gamemode is creative, and my achievement points equal a total of 260. Even though Blitz survival games have my best stats (my picture isn't uploading for some reason so I'll just type them: 497 kills, 34 wins, and 2795 coins), I haven't played it in a while so I'm a little rusty. Right now I've actually been playing a lot of Mega Walls and am working on those stats right now. Thank you!
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  4. lucaslyhne

    lucaslyhne New Member

    IGN: lucaslyhne
    stats: (for blitz) kills:647 wins:43
    Achievement points:450
    how often i play: normaly 2 hours a day
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  5. Ok lucas and hooded, we think you are good enough so I will add you both as friend on the server so i Know when you are online and invite you :)
  6. FRANC1S

    FRANC1S New Member

    When the guild is full, we will kick the non-actif players, so always try to be as actif as possible. :)
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