1. [​IMG] Hello,

    Today we are releasing the Guild Update! It is one of the largest updates we ever made, it includes a full revamp of the progression system, tons of quality of life improvements, rewards, new forum integrations, and so much more!

    We are so excited to release this update finally and would like to thank everyone who participated on the proposition thread. Your feedback helped us a lot!

    • Introducing Guild EXP and Leveling Changes
    • Guild Quests
    • Guild Menu Improvements
    • New custom Guild Ranks
    • Introducing the Guild Finder
    • Guild Command Improvements
    • Guild Leaderboards
    • Forum Medals
    • Guild Achievements

    Introducing Guild EXP and Leveling Changes
    In order to create a standardized system for Guilds that can hold up for years to come, we decided to replace Guild Coins with Guild EXP and switching to a leveling system. Guilds now gain EXP to level up. Instead of earning Guild Coins in games, players in Guilds will earn Guild Experience (GEXP).

    The Guild Shop is removed and all perks are unlocked by default, with any coins you spent refunded. For example, every guild will have a max of 125 players by default.

    Instead of gaining up to a maximum 20,000 Guild Coins every day, Guilds can earn a scaling amount of GEXP.
    • Up to 200k GEXP earned normally per day (100%)
    • After 200k GEXP in a single day, GEXP gain drops to 10%
    • After 250k GEXP in a single day, GEXP gain drops to 3%
    This way we provide a soft cap, but GEXP can still be earned after that, so you don't feel like you're totally wasting your time if you've already hit one of the caps.

    Every Guild will have to start gaining EXP from zero. However all current guilds will see their total amount of coins, transfered into GEXP at a ratio of 1 GEXP per 1 GCOIN.
    This means that every single coins your guild owns AND all the coins that you spent in the shop, will simply become GEXP.
    Depending on how many GEXP guilds earn during the transfer, they might start at a higher level.

    Developer Note [ What exactly was wrong with the old system?
    1/ Giving coins means that we would need to give Guilds things to buy. Because of that most of the features Guilds could buy in the shop were not actually "fun" to buy. Instead of having a shop just because we have a coins system, we prefer giving all the QoL features by default and allow guilds to progress through leveling and unlock cosmetics on the way.
    2/ In the old system Guilds could only get up to 20k coins per day. Many "top" guilds were maxing out those daily coins every day, making it completely unfair for newer Guilds, unable to catch up with the older guilds.]

    Additionally, the top 100 Guilds in the old (or legacy) system will be given special and unique Legacy Rewards to recognize their achievements on the server outlined below.

    • Legacy Guild Cloak
    All top #100 Guilds in the legacy system will receive a Legacy Guild Cloak cosmetic in-game. Similar to the Achievement Cloak (but using different particles), this will display your rank in the legacy system.​

    • Legacy Forum Medals
    On the forums, every top 100 Legacy Guild will get a medal next to their guild name.

    From rank #100 to #11, top Guilds (in total guild coins) will receive a Bronze star.
    From rank #10 to #4, top Guilds (in total guild coins) will receive a Silver star.
    The top #1, #2 and #3 ranked guilds (in total guild coins) will receive a Golden star.
    Hovering your mouse on that star will show your Guild's exact ranking in the legacy system e.g “This Guild was rank #42 in the legacy guild system”​

    Leveling Rewards and Guild EXP Gain
    Up until level 10, Guilds will require different amounts of EXP to level up. Leveling up will give your Guild rewards such as cosmetics, and a chance to add to your coin and EXP multipliers per game.

    Example Guild EXP Needed to Level up:
    Level 1: 100k
    Level 2: 150k
    Level 3: 250k
    Level 4: 500k
    Level 5: 750k
    Level 6: 1000k
    Level 7: 1250k
    Level 8: 1500k
    Level 9: 2000k
    Level 10 to 14: 2500k
    All above : 3000k

    First 20 level up rewards
    As you can see Guilds get a reward every level, and every 5 levels a secondary reward (cosmetic reward). Note: If your guild already unlocked the Guild Tag, you'll still have it before your guild reaches lvl 5.

    At major milestones, guilds will unlock a cosmetic rewards, such as new Tag colors, new icons to use in Guild tag, new lobby particles, an upgradable Guild Cloak, Forum medals and more! You can find out about those rewards in the Guild Menu in game. (/g menu or directly in your profile menu)

    Different tier levels of the Guild Cloak

    The new Cloud lobby particle pack

    Guild Tag icons

    1% chance of "double coins" means that every time you gain coins in game, you will have a 1% chance for your coins to be multiplied by 2.

    We want every game to have a fair amount of Guild EXP, guilds should not be advantaged or disadvantaged depending on the game they are playing. Therefore EXP will be gained depending on how many minutes you played during that game, and will be applied an EXP Multiplier if you won that game, following the format below.

    Those numbers might have to be adjusted post release, if balancing is required.

    Developer Note [ On the one hand we want to give meaningful rewards for Guilds when they level up, and on the other hand we don't want new guilds to have a big disadvantage over older ones. We feel like this is a fair number, but please give us your feedback.]

    Catch up mechanism:
    But what about the new guilds?
    We still want players to create new guilds and have a chance to compete, for that reason we created a catch up mechanism.
    Every Guild 10+ levels below the top 1 Guild, will permanently gain GEXP 2x faster.
    Every Guild 20+ levels below the top 1 Guild, will permanently gain GEXP 3x faster.
    This does not increase the soft cap limit, only multiplies the amount of GEXP players will earn in games.

    That way, new Guilds will still have an exciting start and a chance to catch up. We want the top guilds to be in a competitive environment!

    Guild Quests and EXP bonus
    Guilds are the perfect opportunities to make friends and play with them, for that reason we want to give players more reasons to gather and play games together.

    Every week on the server, Guilds will have access to a Guild Quest. This Quest will reset weekly, and progress does not carry over. Guild Quests have tiers that can be completed in sequence. Completing the Quest will give guilds additional Guild EXP, not counting towards the daily EXP cap.

    Example Guild Quest:

    Players will be able to view the current Guild Quest through the updated Guild Menu, or commands such as /g quest. Additionally, you will receive a flat 10% boost to Guild EXP gain per game if you are playing on the same team as a Guild mate, rewarding guildmates for playing together.

    Guild Menu UI Improvements
    This update includes a host of improvements to the Guild menus

    The new Guild Menu

    • In the Player Profile, the Guild Shop is removed
    • Ability to set an official Discord for your Guild
    • Added to the settings: Guild tag, joinable options, notifications, MOTD, Permissions for ranks and a list of the commands.
    • Addition of Current Guild Quest icon
    • Addition of Leveling system menu
    • Addition of Guild search
      This includes settings for guild owner, you can set up the description of your guild and games you want your guild to be listed in, and can toggle recruiting on and off.
    • If you are not in a guild yet, the only icon available is Guild Search, in the center of the menu.
    • Players will be able to use the Guild search menu to browse guilds in every game and find a suitable guild for them.

    New Guild Ranks
    Guilds now have the tools to add new ranks with permissions set by the Guild Leader. Guild Leaders can add 3 new ranks to their Guild and have full control on their names, priority, and permissions.
    The permission menu, where Guild Leaders can create, organise and customize ranks.


    Upon clicking on one of the ranks, a Guild Leader will have access to this menu. The green and red dyes are toggle options. Enabling an option will give this rank the permission, such as:
    • Ability to change the name of the Guild
    • Ability to modify the Guild TAG
    • Ability to change the MOTD
    • Ability to promote and demote Guild members (up to their own rank)
    • Ability to change Guild Finder options
    • Access to the Officer Chat
    • Ability to kick members of the guild (up to their rank)
    • Ability to mute guild members (up to their rank)
    • Ability to invite members
    • Access to the audit log (improved version of /g history, with more informations)
    • Ability to see more Guild Member's stats (in /g member <player>)
    • Ability to start a Guild Party
    • Ability to change the Guild Settings
    • Ability to set up or change and Guild Discord link.
    On top of that the Guild Leader can also:
    • Modify the TAG of the rank (in guild chat ranks can now have tags)
    • Set the rank to the default rank (new members join this rank)
    • Change the priority of the rank (order which rank is higher than which one)
    • Delete the rank (this puts all current players of the rank in a lower rank)

    On top of that there is a new Officer Chat in-game, only for Ranks with the correct permission. Type /guild officerchat [text] to send a message to the Guild Officer Chat.

    Guild Finder and Tags
    Within the Guild Menu there is a new Guild Finder, which lets you search for Guilds.
    Guild Owners are able to set various game tags for their Guilds for instance "SkyWars", and "Arcade" will list your Guild under those games. That way players who are looking for a SkyWars Guild, an Arcade Guild, or a guild that plays both, will easily find your guild.

    Players who are looking for new guilds to join can search via tags to find guilds and message the right person to apply. We hope this will make it much easier to find relevant Guilds in the game, and also help Guilds recruit good new players.

    Guild Command Changes
    • Changes to the Info command (/g member [name]) to add the following:
      • Add details who invited the player to the guild
      • Add details who last promoted the player to a certain rank + date
      • Fix their guild coins(EXP) (now constant 0)
    • Changes to the Info command: /g info
    • Add ‘’MOTD last edited by’’ command + date
    • Fix tracking of guild coins(EXP) (now constant 0)
    • Commands added
      • Added /g log (shows the owner all changes that happened to the guild)
      • Added /g history (another version of /g log, but for members, with less informations)
      • Added /g mute [ign] [duration] (mutes a player in the guild for the duration)
      • Added /g unmute [ign]
      • Added /g toggle (Toggles guild chat)
      • Added /g slow (slows down guild chat)
      • Added /g onlinemode (makes so it only shows online people in /g list)
      • Added /g settings description [desc] or /g desc [desc] (be able to set your guild description for guild search)
      • Added /g quest (shows current progress of the guild quest)
      • Added /g menu (another way to open the guild menu in lobbies)
      • Added /g discord (sets up the guild discord, only available for appropriate guild ranks)
    • Changes to /g MOTD
    On top of the current system, we added an online MOTD editor. That way, instead of having to edit it line by line and not seeing the overall result, you are now able to edit your MOTD on your guild forum page.

    Guild Leaderboards
    In the Main Lobby there are now Guild Leaderboards. These leaderboards will show the top guilds on the server for GEXP in all-time, as well as monthly and weekly.

    Additionally, there are also per-game leaderboards which track which games you gain GEXP in.

    Forum Medals
    Already announced previously in the thread, Guilds will be able to unlock Medals, visible right next to their Guild name on the forums.

    Medals are purely cosmetic!
    The medals available are:
    • Legacy Medal: Only available if your Guild was top 100 in the legacy system
    • Level Medals: First one unlocked at Guild level 15, then upgrades every 20 Guild levels
    • Per Game Medal: If your team is top 25 in any game, you'll have a medal for that game
    Hovering your mouse on any of those medals will display various informations.

    Guild Achievements
    Each Guild can work towards many new achievements, such as:
    • Prestige: Reach Guild level 20, 40, 60 etc..
    • Winners: Win X games as a Guild during a single day
    • Experience Kings: Get X amount of GEXP during a single day
    Guilds achievements won't reward anything, they are purely for bragging rights!

    We hope you enjoy this Guild Update! Please give us your feedback on this thread, we still plan on working on the Guild System in the future!
    Many of you asked for the Guild Fortresses, we know you want them and we want them too! Guild Fortresses are still planned. We will be working on them as one of our next big projects, we are already doing preparations.
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  2. Thanks again everyone for the feedback/suggestions back in February provided in https://hypixel.net/threads/guild-update-2018-proposal-discussion-thread.1540093/

    You guys have been amazing and we finally have a guild framework that is solid in the backend. As soon as we are done cleaning up issues related to the update as well as adding a few suggestions from the community, we will finish up Guild Fortresses alongside other features that we want to see in the next update that we are aiming for this Fall.

    I know you guys have been waiting a long time for an actual update related to the guilds. To be honest it has been quite difficult for us to find the right developers and time to make it happen but today I am happy that we were to kill the "meme" about guild update.
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  3. A new era has begun.

    We need a new meme now xD

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    but srsly @Jayavarmen Guild Fortress hype in 4 years amirite?
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    LOL mini can give us this all and we can still get it with out grind
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    A meme has died, but a new life started
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    gg R.I.P. those guild update memes
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    So hyped!

    RIP the memes like this beauty~

    Suggestion to be implemented in 5 years: Ability to set official guild thread viewable from your guild's page on the site?

    Regarding the JSON api, a rank now looks like this:
    "name": "Bot",
        "permissions": [
        "default": false,
        "tag": "BOT",
        "created": 1532713053703,
        "priority": 6
    but those perm ids don't mean a lot on their own :p. Is the following list of perms correct?
    0 - change guild name,
    1 - change guild motd,
    2 - change guild tag,
    3 - promote/demote,
    4 - guild visibility settings,
    5 - view officer chat,
    6 - kick members,
    7 - mute members (and everyone?),
    8 - invite members,
    9 - view audit logs,
    10 - view a member's guild stats,
    11 - guild party,
    12 - change guild settings,
    13 - change discord link
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    ggs men

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    It only took few years.
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    Thank you so much
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    Guild Master
    Haha good one hypixel ya got me
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