1. That's Good!
  2. This may sound really dumb, but what does the call to action mean?
  3. Sweet, thanks for the update!
  4. Is there a list of these somewhere? Or can we get one?
  5. That patch was close to the update and not 33 years later.
    Thanks Hypixel.
  6. Noorly

    Noorly New Member

    Update Housing already! :)
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  7. :thinking:
  8. Thanks for the update.
  9. Awesome update.
  10. They can be found on a pinned thread in the Guilds section which I have included here. https://hypixel.net/threads/guild-rank-whitelist.1787255/ For more convenience, I've put the entire list under this spoiler.
    'guild master'
    'co owner'
    'guild leader'
    'trusted member'
    'trial member'
    'head officer'
    'senior officer'
    'crew member'
    'trial officer'
    'junior officer'
    'elite member'
    'active Member'
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  11. Nice!
  12. Thanks :)
  13. Ty Hypixel!
  14. Rip my Creeper Attack strategy. :(
    - Get to ~150k GEXP
    - Get 14 guild members to play Creeper Attack.
    - Depending on how long you'll last, you'll get ~50k GEXP per player while bypassing the soft cap.

    At least that's the plan at least. I never got to test it. But it's alright, it would be kind of abuseable.
  15. Is the fortresses going be like clash of clans lul it would be cool if its similar to it though ;)
  16. jcrizzy

    jcrizzy Well-Known Member

    Housing Update
  17. Turbo Kart Racers update when?
  18. /g top is a good idea

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