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    MyGeeks GEEKS
    Here is my feedback:

    • Added translation support to all the new features. Translations aren't 100% complete yet.
    • Added "call to actions" (yellow text) to the guild menu buttons. Looks nice and clean!
    • Improved the usage help on certain guild commands. cool!
    • Optimized the guild menu so that it loads faster. This is really nice
    • Changed some icons in the Guild Reward menu for better visibility. Looking sleek
    • Edited the main lobby to make the Guild Leaderboards more visible. Haven't noticed any difference
    • Added arrow buttons in /g log to easily switch pages.
    • Added a /g rank command to see the permissions of your own rank. /g rank is not a command.
    • Added a reset timer in /g quest and the guest menu. Looks nice, now we want more quests.
    • Improved the help command for better visibility. neat!
    • Added a soft cap progress bar in the leveling menu. This is good for new players.
    • Added the current ranking of the guild in /g info. Looks neat
    • Added a /chat o command to toggle officer chat on/off.
    • Added Guild EXP stats per game in the API. Will be looking forward to see what I can do with this.
    • Added /g top command to show the top 10 players of the guild in daily Guild EXP. Cool!
    • Added a way to toggle the [GM] tag in guild chat.
    • Added a way to rename a rank without having to delete it and create it again.
    • /g history will not show kick reason anymore.
    • Added the ability to /g promote <rank> a player to promote it directly to the desired rank.
    • Guild achievements will now show the best score the guild has ever gotten. But this is still broken because of that double gexp bug. and the amount is unreasonable.
    • Added many rank names to the forum whitelist. There are 44 names available now.
    • Added a new guild achievement: Have X Guild members online at the same time! This achievement bugged, and maxed at 125.
    • Added new tiers to the Winner achievement, up to 1000 daily wins!
    • Fixed instability issues with our backend system causing commands to be unavailable.
    • Fixed level 13 and 14 requiring 3M GEXP instead of 2.5M.
    • Fixed most messaging which was still forwarding players to /g shop.
    • Fixed one of the messages wrongly saying you could unlock guild tag at level 6.
    • Fixed guild unmute message using the muting player's rank color.
    • Fixed an issue with guild inviting from the guild menu.
    • Fixed some default ranks splitting themselves (multiple "member" ranks).
    • Fixed guild transfers when there's no default rank.
    • Fixed empty spots on guild leaderboards. Finally!
    • Fixed instances of the guild menu interferring with Minecraft levels.
    • Update double coins message to be clearer. But still no toggleable/less chat filling option.
    • Fixed guild join/leave notifications setting.
    • Fixed chatfilter settings (also for parties and PM).
    • Fixed %%translation%% %%issues%%. They are still there.
    • Added missing secondary level 75 reward (+ different clay for sec. rewards).
    • Fixed missing back arrows.
    • The permissions menu won't close your inventory anymore.
    • Made the top 100 cloak description clearer (it's only available to legacy guilds).
    • Reduced particles on top 100 cloak so that the text is more readable.
    • Fixed GEPX not being properly balanced over most games. Where? Spreadsheet?
    • Fixed missing guild chat settings icon in hypixel settings (+ added it to guild personal settings).
    • Reworked guild invite backend: Fixed getting more 125 members, stopped being able to invite the whole network or inviting the same offline player multiple times, or just being in the guild multiple times.
    • Fixed an exploit related to the guild EXP soft cap.
    • Players will not gain GEXP anymore, if they were not in the guild at the start of the game.
    • Games will not award extra GEXP after 1 hour of in game timer. No extra at all or just stops couting at 1 hour? plus some games can be long like UHC and Zombies, so it should be maybe slightly higher in some games.
    What next?
    There are still many quality of life improvements we are planning to do over the next few months, such as improvements to the GEXP Catch up multipliers. We are open for suggestions and feedback, so make sure to let us know what you would want to see in another guild patch!

    The next big feature for guilds will of course be Guild Fortresses. Like we previously explained in the last Developer summary, we are already working on the foundations for this project. At this point, we cannot release anything short of amazing and we have some great ideas for the project! All I need to know is what type of game it will be so I know what feeback and suggestions I can give.

    It is a very large project and we are very excited to (finally) work on it!

    Thank you for reading and make sure you send us any bugs through the Hypixel Server Bug Reports.
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  3. Can't wait for Fortresses! :D
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    be quiet jaya
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    Soulburn SOUL
    Add more guild ranks already its hard just having the ones we have allow us to have up to 8 or something please (or maybe as you level up to each prestige you get more)
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  6. Nice! Always good to see fixes and updates.
  7. That’s really great :)
  8. The GXP system heavily favors those who play longer games like UHC and Zombies, so limiting the amount of GXP you can get in a game to one hour's worth helps nerf the insane GXP gain of those games.
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  9. Thank you Kanye, very cool!
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  11. Neat! Guilds are great right now :)
  12. Can't wait for guild fortresses!
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    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    Oh wait, coming in the "next" update. Guess guild mattresses will have to do in the meanwhile :c

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