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  1. Hello everyone,

    As discussed on Twitter and elsewhere, we are currently pulling together a plan for a Guild Update, or at the very least part 1 of a several part update. This thread aims to lay out our initial proposal and get your feedback. Once we are happy with the feature set, we will start work on the update and hopefully get it in your hands soon.

    Please read the thread in full before giving feedback. As this is a feedback thread, any off topic or non-constructive comments will be removed. We read every single reply. Thank you for participating.

    ▶ Introduction and Goals
    We are aware this update has been a long time coming. There are many reasons for this but the long and short of it is that Guild update features were announced many years ago when the team was in a totally different place. So much has happened since then including the Minecraft EULA, many version changes, viral games that required our support and countless changes to our backend infrastructure. All through 2017 we've been trying to promise less features that we aren't absolutely certain will make it onto the server, and to deliver on as many of the old promises made as possible (hence Crafted Box 3, Achievement Update, Guild Update etc). Game development is messy and we are blessed to have millions of active players, but that means we can't always deliver things as cleanly or quickly as we like, and sometimes we have to cancel projects entirely for one reason or another. So in summary, we apologise for the time it took for us to get round to updating Guilds as a whole, but we hope this update contains a strong set of new features and improvements that will make Guilds better. And in the future we will try our best to only announce things that are actually coming seen (in the past few months this has been true).

    This update does not include "Guild Fortresses". We are working on some unannounced frameworks we think could be used to support this but to be frank, adding "Guild Fortresses" in any meaningful sense without supporting frameworks would take months. So if we included them one of 2 things would happen: 1) the update would take much longer, or 2) we would have to reduce the scope of what a "Guild Fortress" is, which would be disappointing for many of you. If we do them, we're going to do them properly, but that can't happen in this update.

    Our goals for this update are simple and clear:
    • We want players to be proud of their guilds, and we want guilds to be able to compete with each others and have a sense of progression, and on the other hand, we do not want smaller or less competitive guilds to feel bad or be frustrated.
    • With this update we want to re-think the base of the guild system to make it future proof, and increase the overall quality of life in guilds for everyone. We want this system to work for the lifetime of the server.
    • We want the update to feel good, fair and fun for everyone.
    Please read the thread in full before giving feedback. As this is a feedback thread, any off topic or non-constructive comments will be remove. We read every single reply. Thank you for participating.

    ▶ Introducing Guild EXP and Leveling Changes
    In order to create a standardised system for Guilds that can hold up for years to come, we propose replacing Guild Coins with Guild EXP and switching to a leveling system. Guilds gain EXP to level up. Instead of earning Guild Coins in games, players in Guilds will earn Guild Experience (GEXP).

    The Guild Shop will be removed and all perks either unlocked by default, with any coins you spent refunded. For example, every guild will have a max of 125 players by default.

    Instead of gaining up to a maximum 20,000 Guild Coins every day, Guilds can earn a scaling amount of GEXP.
    • Up to 200k GEXP earned normally per day (100%)
    • After 200k GEXP in a single day, GEXP gain drops to 10%
    • After 250k GEXP in a single day, GEXP gain drops to 1%
    This way we provide a soft cap, but GEXP can still be earned after that, so you don't feel like you're totally wasting your time if you've already hit one of the caps.

    We propose that all Guild Levels be reset to 1. This is an incredibly sensitive subject, and we require your feedback. Every Guild will have to start gaining EXP from zero, but legacy guilds will be given a boost in the form of an increased daily GEXP cap based on how many Guild Coins they currently have. For every 1 Million Guild Coins, you can increase your daily cap by double for 1 day. For example a Guild with 10 Million Guild Coins (after shop refund) will have 10 full days of double daily EXP cap.

    Additionally, the top 100 Guilds in the old (or legacy) system will be given special and unique Legacy Rewards to recognize their achievements on the server outlined below.

    Legacy Forum Star
    On the forums, every top 100 Legacy Guild will get a star next to their clan name.

    [​IMG] The star would be there
    From rank #100 to #11, top Guilds (in total guild coins) would receive a Bronze star.
    From rank #10 to #4, top Guilds (in total guild coins) would receive a Silver star.
    The top #1, #2 and #3 ranked guilds (in total guild coins) would receive a Golden star.
    Hovering your mouse on that star would show your Guild's exact ranking in the legacy system e.g “This Guild was rank #42 in the legacy guild system”

    Legacy Guild Cloak
    All top #100 Guilds in the legacy system will receive a Legacy Guild Cloak cosmetic in-game. Similar to the Achievement Cloak (but using different particles) this will display your rank in the legacy system.

    [​IMG] ← similar to that, but with numbers from 1 to 100

    Q. Why change to this new EXP system?
    We want Guilds to have a clear sense of progression with equally clear goals, and a leveling system is the best solution for that. It gives us the ability to create global and game leaderboards, and we can give guilds valuable perks through leveling.

    The current set of Guild perks are underwhelming, mostly comprised of minor cosmetic or quality of life improvements. These should be available for everyone, and we feel there's not much we can add that would be of value given the huge disparity between coin amounts between old and new Guilds. Either we'd have to price new shop items prohibitively high, which means new Guilds couldn't afford things that make Guilds better, or we'd have to price them low which means most existing Guilds could buy them straight away which is boring and unbalanced.

    Right now a new Guild has no way to even get close to catching up with older Guilds. Even if you had 100+ active people starting in a new guild today, you would never be able to catch up to older Guilds due to the huge disparity in coins. With this update we want to give newer Guilds a chance to catch up. It will be incredibly hard, but at the very least motivated new Guilds should be able to break into a leaderboard, at least within a specific game.

    The reset is still up for debate. We think it would be a great opportunity to give every Guild a chance, and we hope the starting EXP boost and legacy rewards will be appreciated. We hope you understand why we think this is best for the server, but please let us know what you think.

    ▶ Leveling Rewards and Guild EXP Gain
    Up until level 10, Guilds will require different amounts of EXP to level up. Leveling up will give your Guild rewards such as cosmetics, and a chance to add to your coin and EXP multipliers per game.

    Example Guild EXP Needed to Level up:
    Level 1: 50k
    Level 2: 100k
    Level 3: 200k
    Level 4: 400k
    Level 5: 600k
    Level 6: 800k
    Level 7: 1000k
    Level 8: 1250k
    Level 9: 1750k
    Level 10: 2000k
    All above : 2000k

    Example Level up rewards (not confirmed)


    1% chance of "double coins" would mean that every time you gain coins in game, you would have a 1% chance for your multiplier to increase by +2.

    We want every game to have a fair amount of Guild EXP, guilds should not be advantaged or disadvantaged depending on the game they are playing.

    Therefore EXP will be gained depending on how many minutes you played during that game, and will be applied an EXP Multiplier if you won that game, following the format below.


    On the one hand we want to give meaningful rewards for Guilds when they level up, and on the other hand we don't want new guilds to have a big disadvantage over older ones. We feel like this is a fair number, but please give us your feedback.

    At major milestones, guilds will unlock a cosmetic rewards, such as new Tag colors (grey, dark green, dark blue, yellow), new icons to use in Guild tag and potentially more. Please let us know what sort of rewards you'd like to see.

    ▶ Guild Quests and EXP bonus
    Guilds are the perfect opportunities to make friends and play with them, for that reason we want to give players more reasons to gather and play games together.

    Every week on the server, Guilds will have access to a set of Guild Quests across a selection of games. These quests will change weekly, and progress does not carry over. Only 1 quest can be active at a time. Guild Quests have tiers that can be completed in sequence.

    Completing the Quest will give guilds additional Guild EXP, not counting towards the daily EXP cap.
    Example Guild Quest:


    Players will be able to view the current Guild Quest through the updated Guild Menu, or commands such as /g quest.

    The game schedule will usually be fixed in advance week after week, but will remain flexible in case of game updates or other new information / issues.

    We will try our best to spread the Guild Quests across as many games as possible, but they won't be available in every game.

    Additionally, you will receive a flat 10% boost to Guild EXP gain per game if you are playing on the same team as a Guild mate, rewarding guildmates for playing together.

    In line with this but unrelated to the Guild Update, we plan to include a flat 10% bonus to Hypixel Level EXP gain when playing with friends in a party (on the same team).

    ▶ Guild Menu UI Improvements
    Based on your feedback we plan to include a host of improvements to the Guild menus
    • In the Player Profile, the Guild Shop will be removed
    • Ability to set an official Discord for your Guild
    • In the settings we will add: Guild tag, joinable options, notifications, MOTD, Permissions for ranks and a list of the commands.
    • Addition of Current Guild Quest icon
    • Addition of Leveling system menu
    • Addition of Guild search
      This includes settings for guild owner, you can set up the description of your guild and games you want your guild to be listed in, and can toggle recruiting on and off.
    • If you are not in a guild yet, the only icon available is Guild Search, in the center of the menu.
    • Players will be able to use the Guild search menu to browse guilds in every game and find a suitable guild for them.
    ▶ Guild Announcements
    In addition to the MOTD, Guild Members with the correct permission will be able to set Announcements which appear as text in a book popup. This could be useful when informing your Guild about upcoming events or news.

    ▶ New Guild Ranks
    We plan to give you the tools to add new ranks, with permissions set by the Guild Leader. Guild Leaders could add co-owners who have full Guild Management permissions, or a Rookie rank for new members who are on trial.

    There will be a new Officer Chat in-game, only for Ranks with the correct permission. Type /go [text] to send a message to the Guild Officer Chat.

    ▶ Guild Finder and Tags
    Within the Guild Menu there will be a Guild Finder, which lets you search for Guilds. Guild Owners will be able to set various tags for their Guilds for instance "Social", "Competitive", "SkyWars", "Accepting New Members", "Level 100+ only" etc. Players who are looking for new guilds to join can search via tags to find guilds and message the right person to apply. We hope this will make it much easier to find relevant Guilds in the game, and also help Guilds recruit good new players.

    ▶ Guild Command Changes
    Changes to the Info command (/g member [name]) to add the following:
    • Add details who invited the player to the guild
    • Add details who last promoted the player to a certain rank + date
    • Fix their guild coins(EXP) (now constant 0)
    • Change all date / times to EST

    Changes to the Info command: /g info
    Add ‘’MOTD last edited by’’ command + date
    Fix tracking of guild coins(EXP) (now constant 0)
    • Commands added
    Add /g auditlog (shows the owner all changes that happened to the guild, prints out what we have in SQL)
    Add /g mute [ign] (Mutes someone in guild chat for 1 hour)
    Add /g unmute [ign]
    Add /g toggle (Toggles guild chat)
    Add /g slowdown (slows down guild chat)
    Add /g onlinemode (makes so it only shows online people in /g list)
    Add /g log (Be able to see who joined / left, who kicked who, who promoted who, who changed the guild tag / MOTD including timestamps of these events)
    Add /g search [game] (List guilds that have guild invite requests ON, as well as a description that each guild can set for this list. I.e. “looking for players with over 6k skywars kills”)
    Add /g description [desc] or /g desc [desc] (be able to set your guild description for guild search)
    • Changes to /g MOTD
    On top of the current system, we will add an online MOTD editor.
    That way, instead of having edit it line by line and not seeing the overall result, you will be able to edit your MOTD on your guild forum page. Example guild page: Foundation/

    ▶ Guild Leaderboards
    In the Main Lobby and on the website there will be Guild Leaderboards. These leaderboards will show the top guilds on the server for GEXP in all-time, as well as monthly and weekly. Additionally, there will also be per-game leaderboards which track which games you gain GEXP in, so for example you could be a top #10 Guild in SkyWars, Murder Mystery or UHC without being a top #10 Guild on the whole server.

    Thanks a lot everyone for your attention. As always nothing fixed and anything can still change. If you have an opinion on any point of the update proposal we need to hear it!
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  2. HYPE. A meme has died

    edit: Guys... I think the meme is returning

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    Dead meme is dead
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  4. The guild quests seem pretty cool
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  5. Thanks for making this thread! :D
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  6. maybe get faster coins/exp while playing with guild members?
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    Hearts HEARTS
    So much text. Jezus
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    yeetskadeeks YEET
    Great :D
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    EDIT: first page hype?
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    using foundation as example guild and not oops :/
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    Doesn't matter to me what's in it, I'm just happy we'll finally get one at all :eek:. Then again, it'll kill all of those good memes... :oops:
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  12. omg finally ITS COME
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  13. Hype!!! I'm really looking forward to this!!
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    Sounds great!
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    I was hoping /go would shorten /guild online :(
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    Guild update is looking great ! upload_2018-2-5_19-22-30.png

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  17. I am looking forward to a full guild reset, however I am personally not fond of the rewards for legacy guilds. There are a whole log of legacy guilds out there, and if you reward them simply based on top 100 then all of the guild's work will simply be put into a temporary boost in experience. A guild I used to own was created the day guilds were released and had it survived to this day it wouldn't have fallen into the top 100. It wasn't a competitive guild, it was a casual guild with a lot of friends just having fun. We didn't strive to beat the other guilds in guild coins after we hit all of the upgrades.

    I'm personally perfectly ok with rewarding the top 100, but I feel like other legacy guilds should get some recognition as well. Perhaps base it on its time of creation plus its activity. If it was created, for example, within a year after the addition of guilds and still has active members, then it would also get some recognition as well. :p
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    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    That cloak though. Can't wait!
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  19. Finally! I like the ideas proposed and would love to see them!
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  20. How would you calculate these guilds?

    From looking in terms of total coins, it seems like quite a number of these guilds are inactive compared to ones now-a-days. I'm not sure what factors you would take into account, but imo it should favour recent activity rather than that of years ago.
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