1. I'm looking for a community guild whereby I can just chill in and don't have to worry about my game stats :)

    Pm me if your guild is like this!

    Been on Hypixel for nearoly 4 years.
  2. Well,

    There are many different guilds on Hypixel, varying in requirements, environments, and games. It all depends on your stats, community preference, and favorite games. The Froglets are pretty chill, and the requirements arent terribly high. =)
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  3. Don't want a guild with high expectations :)
    I am very experienced on the network.
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  5. you can join my skyblock guild, im in need of staff members, if you are good at moderating and very active in guild chat then you can join!
  6. My Guild CR1S1S, fits all of that, we don't worry about stats or anything like that, just make sure to be family friendly in chat and to other members, we aren't big, but we're chill ( /g request CR1S1S, or PM me when your online if you want to join)
  7. Heya! Our guild practically is exactly what you're looking for. :p
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  8. It's very chill :)
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  9. :eek: nu
  10. I’m interested :)
  11. I made a guild a few days ago and it has minimal requirements
    Bedwars star 50 network level 40 skywars level 3 (I don't really play skywars
    And 75 duels wins
    Let me know if your interested! :)
    If you don't meet one of the requirements it's all good
  12. If your 75+ smash level you can get into The Communist Ottoman Empire, #1 Smash Heroes guild, and we host tournaments every weekend :D
  13. If you still want to join a guild, Crazy Playerz is a pretty chill guild.
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