1. After I get mvp++, I'm gonna try out these events.

    Ghosts of the Crypt

    Minigame: Bedwars Doubles
    Map: Crypt, because its scary.
    Modifiers: Quick events (idk the real name because i've never had mvp++)
    Description: Four players are chosen beforehand as ghosts, and the rest are normal players. Normal players cannot collect or use diamonds or emeralds. The best equipment normal players can use are iron swords and iron armor. They may not go to mid. Ghosts players can collect all resources, but they CANNOT fight or break normal beds when not invisible. They also cannot attack other ghosts.
    Objective for ghosts: Break all normal beds then kill them to win!
    Objective for normal players: Find and kill all the ghosts!

    Warriors of Dragonstar
    Minigame: Bedwars Solo
    Map: Dragonstar, because its sounds like a great place for a battle royale.
    Modifiers: Fastest Events (like i said above, Idk the real name)
    Description: Basically UHC champions in bedwars. There is a grace period until bed gone. No one is allowed to fight or enter someone else's base. Once it is bed gone...well no rules! Free for all!
    E.g 1: If person a attacks person b, person b can report it, and person a can be kicked from the party. In the grace period, all the players must gather as much as resources as they can.
    E.g 2: If person a goes to mid but person b is sitting in one of the emeralds gens, person a can just go to a different one or get emerald forge.
    Objective for all players: Gather the best equipment during the grace period then kill all players to win!

    Speed Solo Pernicous (Work in Progress)

    Please give feedback on these events, and leave a like or agree if you...like or agree!
  2. I suggest the ghosts will be able to collect only emeralds & diamonds.
  3. Thanks for the event ideas. I might consider having an event like this.
  4. They won't be able to buy blocks to mid, nor be able to buy anything to break normal player's beds (tools, TNT, and fireballs)

    You're welcome! Though I would like it if you give credit when creating these events.
  5. Anyone have anymore event ideas?? I'm stuck on these three, and my goal is to host 10 different weekly by June
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm fairly sure these kinds of posts don't belong in this section.
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  7. you are correct ;)

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