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    Founded 1/26/2014

    The Guild

    Blue Crew: an old guild in a new jacket! It was one of the first guilds on Hypixel and has members from all over the server. Originally Blue Crew started as a Bow Spleef guild, but has bloomed into something more than that, with players ranging from Arcade to VampZ, you may spot us in all lobbies.

    To us, the most important thing is to have fun, play with friends, and hang out together. This also means we are not a competitive guild. As a guild, we are not only active on Minecraft, but also try to organize fun and exciting things outside of the server, such as movie nights or playing other games. To help us with this we have Tavern Keepers. They are people in Blue Crew that help out with organising events for different time zones. That way, people from all over the world can have fun events at convenient times!


    @Aerh @ian9568 @mk1ruby @zuname @Harvest @TheCoral

    Members and Tavern Keepers
    For an up-to-date list of our members and Tavern Keepers you can check our guild member page.
    >> Go to member page <<

    We add people who are active, committed, and respectful members of the community. We are looking for people who, like us, are kind, relaxed, and will enjoy playing with the guild and coming on Discord to talk to our members.

    If you feel that this suits your personality, feel free to apply!
    Note: We reply to every application via private message, it might take up to a week to get a reply depending on how busy we are. Also be aware that we do not accept re-applications.

    In-game name:

    What is your timezone?:

    How old are you?:

    Do you have a gaming Twitter? (If so, please link it):

    Why do you want to join Blue Crew?:

    Do you know anyone in the guild already?
    (If you do, who do you know?):

    Do you use discord and have a working microphone?
    (If you don’t have discord are you willing to get it?):

    What do you like to play on the server?:

    When you are frustrated, do you call players "noob" or "hacker"?:

    Why did you leave your last guild? (If applicable):

    Is your ultimate goal to become a helper?:


    When people join Blue Crew, they are on a temporary trial period. This is so that we can make sure they are a good fit for the guild. After the two weeks we will let you know if you passed the trial or not.

    No drama
    This is a drama free guild, so if you create drama, are disrespectful to other players, or break server rules you will be removed from the guild.

    Please do not use guild chat(s) to call for staff members
    We do have some staff members in the guild, but please do not use guild chat or Discord to contact them about staff related issues, this includes asking them to spectate a hacker. Please use the network's official tools and resources. Being accepted into the guild will also not increase your chances of becoming a staff member.
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  2. So hyped to see new applications!
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  3. Ouuuu :D
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  4. ShiftyWifty

    ShiftyWifty Well-Known Member

    Excited to see what to future holds for the crew.
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    (just kidding, please apply, we like new people)
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  6. xLol

    xLol New Member

    Keen for some new faces in the crew
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  7. WhalePanda

    WhalePanda Active Member

    Good luck!
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  8. New thread? Good luck!
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  9. Nice new thread! Good luck :D
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  10. For people wishing to apply, please mow the lawn
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  11. C4H10O

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    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    Good luck with your new applicants! (hi @Fontau )
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  12. Aznboit

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    best of luck to new applicants ;)
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  13. Kqyy

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    Infamy INFAMY
    Good luck!
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  14. iM s0 EXcITED
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  15. Yay! can't wait for what the future of the guild has to offer!
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  16. Nice new guild thread!
    Hyped to see what it brings.
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  17. Stannya

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    Blue Crew BLUCRU
    Ooh, shiny new thread! :D

    Anyways, I’m excited to see a new leader. :) Good Luck Coral
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  18. JHG


    JHG Active Member

    Hey so I applied for this guild like a year ago so if I still reapply is it a 100% no
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  19. We generally don't mind if it's been over a year ;)
    Feel free to try again
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  20. hey @TheCoral , Change your sig, You're a GM now;)
    EDIT: GL for anyone applying!
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