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    The Basics

    What is DDOS?:
    Distributed Denial Of Service, or DDOS for short, is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users. In other words, a DDOS attack has the potential to bring down websites and cut out internet.

    How does it do this?:

    You might have noticed when connecting to the hypixel forums, that you may have to wait for a few moments before you are taken to the home page. This is a type of protection against DOS (Denial of service) attacks. However attacks sent to routers is way different and what I am mainly going to talk about today.
    If someone want's to launch an attack on you they will first try to obtain your IP address. This is a key part in the attack, no IP, No attack. They will try and do this by using one of many types of resolver. The most common being a Skype resolver. Which you guessed it, resolves your IP via the use of Skype. They will most likely search your minecraft username. Once they find you they will be able to find your Skype username. (NOTE they cannot resolve your Skype by your nick-name) Once the username is found it can the be plugged into a resolver, where the IP is gained. From there they will put the IP into the "booter" (the site used to DDOS people), apply some other bits of info and launch the attack. The attack works by overloading your router with packets of data which will cause it to cut out for an amount of time (depending on how long the attack is sent for, could be from 2 mins up to a really large mount of time). Don't worrie, your router wont fizz and blow up as you might be thinking.

    Can anyone DDOS me?:

    Don't freak out and think that you will always be at risk from people trying to "hit you off" as it is not overly common to find people with booters. Not that you'd know who actually owned one. Most people steer clear of buying booters because of the risks that come with them. Here are some reasons why:

    -DDOSing is illegal. You will be punished if you get caught
    -Most booters require a purchase in order to use. The one's that don't are most likely untrusted sites and not worth the time of day because they do not actually work.
    -It is highly likely that these sites may contain harmful viruses or malware.

    How to stay safe?:

    -Someone may want to launch an attack on you when you annoy/insult them, it is very uncommon for someone to do it otherwise, unless you are hacking and they want to teach you a lesson. In that case you shouldn't be hacking, but that still doesn't give them the right to DDOS you. So a simple way to prevent most attacks is, be nice to everyone. Don't be unpleasant to people for no reason.

    -As I mentioned before, people will most likely try to obtain your IP through Skype using your IGN. If they cannot find it first try, they will most likely give up and leave you alone. So if you plan on creating a Skype account, don't make it the same as any other IGN names.
    (NOTE) if it is the case that you already have, you may want to consider creating a new account with a new IP address. I am not 100% sure on how to change your IP (unless you have a dynamic IP where all you will need to do is reset your router). More will be said later.

    -If you are constantly being DDOSed you may want to consider purchasing a black list on the biggest Skype resolvers, which will prevent your IP from being found however this is strongly discouraged as there are many resolvers and people may know more that one.

    How will I know if I am getting DDOSed?:

    Threats: someone may threaten you with DDOS, but most people who do this only want to scare you as they wouldn't be stupid enough to threaten and proceed with an attack as it would be obvious that it was them and they would be found.
    Some examples of threats are: wanna go off?, Whats your Skype? etc...
    But make sure you don't accuse someone of DDOS just because they ask for your Skype, they might just want to be friends.

    In terms of When you are actually being "hit" your Ping will start to rise and you will be receiving packets of data. You will be able to tell if you are using an app like TeamSpeak or Skype because the people in the call with you will start talking almost like a robot. (This is from a first hand experience).
    You can tell if you are receiving packets easily in something like TeamSpeak by Middle clicking on your name and looking at your ping, the number next to your ping is the amount of packets you are receiving.

    Should I panic?:

    The last thing that I want to accomplish by making this thread is for you to go and panic because you most likely will never be DDOSed and if you are, you probably wont even know it as some booters wont be strong enough to "hit you off". Having good internet is also good for preventing attacks.

    If you fell as if I have missed some information out please tell me or if you are curious to learn more on how to stay safe and get protection, do some research and see what you can find.
    If you have any private questions message me. I'm here to help :)

    I hope this guide was helpful as I spent a lot of time on it.
    Thank you for taking time to read to the end.

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  2. TempestGG

    TempestGG Well-Known Member

    I have been DDOSed a few times.
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  3. The easiest way to say safe from DDOS is a proxy and/or a VPN.
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  4. hypixel has DDOS protection yes, but you most likely don't, this guide is to prevent you from personally being DDOSed
  5. Refisio

    Refisio Well-Known Member

    That's why my Skype:
    A. Remains private
    B. Has no relation to my In-Game Name.
  6. Hey LinkSurvivor1 remember that guy that came on our build team server and started DDoSing us?
    Great guide btw
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  7. Striif3

    Striif3 Well-Known Member

    An easy way to see if you are experiencing attack is to open the command prompt (I assume you are on windows, sorry mac/linux)

    To do so, press [windows]+[r] to open the run panel, type in CMD and the command prompt should open up. Next thing, try to ping a reliable site (like or etc. To do that, type the following:
    ping (website domain) -n 10

    The -n parameter is to specify that you wish to ping a certain number of times, and the number that follows is the amount of pings you wish to perform, so in the above case it will ping the specified site 10 times (alternatively you could use -t instead of a number which will result in you pinging the site until you cancel the command with [Ctrl]+[C] ).

    The value output at "time" shows what your latency is, or what players refer to as " your ping." If you monitor this value during an attack, you will see the latency increase over time until you time out completely. That is a general indication that you are under an attack but an increase in latency doesn't always mean you are being attacked either.

    That being said, there are very few players with the resources to actually ddos another player just out of revenge. As mentioned in daveyc03 's thread, the risks involved are quite high to simply just troll or get revenge on someone. For the average player, you are relatively safe. In spite of this though, you should always remain safe. Don't share your details online unless you know you can trust the person.
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  8. Horrifying experience, literally kicking everyone off our server
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  9. So should I report someone who is saying they are getting ddosed so he staff can look into it?
  10. spot on.
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