1. How to use guide:
    This guide was created so people can compare their weapons to others, and to help people decide which weapons to re roll. The worst stat for the weapon is in Red, and the best stat for that weapon in Green. Make sure to leave a comment with your weapon below so I can improve this guide.
    Obtaining and Repairing
    There are two ways to obtain weapons. Click one of the spoilers to find out more.
    There are two kinds of quests. Daily and Weekly.
    Daily Quests give 3 broken weapons, and Weekly Quests give 15 broken weapons. There are 4 Daily Quests and 1 Weekly quest.

    The maximum weapons you can earn in a week by doing quests is 84.
    If you complete the game, you will earn:
    3 Weapons for a win
    1 Weapon for a tie
    2 Weapons from a loss
    Weapons can be repaired by clicking on the weapon smith located in the left and right corners of the lobbies next to the sign wall. Once in the gui, click on the anvil, then click the broken weapon.
    Weapon Skins
    Weapon skins are cosmetic differences between weapons. Each weapon type (Common, Rare, Etc) have different designs to them. A skin comes with a randomized default design, but if you don't like it for whatever reason you can change it for 4000 mystery dust by clicking on the weaponsmith npc in the corners of the map, then clicking on the skin selector in the lower right corner of the inventory. Now select the skin you want. Keep in mind you have to have the weapon selected that you want to change.
    For pictures of all Weapon Skins go check out @SpiderDiclonii Guide https://hypixel.net/threads/gallery-weapons-of-warlords.293149/
    Is My Weapon Good?
    Here is a link to a website created by @Pietro_ that will tell you how your specific weapon stats compare to others.
    Re Rolling:
    Re Rolling gives you a randomized new stat for your weapon. If you re roll, it will randomize the stats for the type of weapon. The weapon prefix can change when you re roll, so be careful to not re roll a good weapon.
    Rerolling changes the base stats of a weapon. Upgrade increase base stats by a certain amount. You will keep the upgrades and, contrary to popular belief, it's not harder to get a perfect weapon when you reroll an upgraded weapon versus an unupgraded one. There's just bigger numbers with the same range.
    An upgrade is at a certain rate for each stat:
    Damage: 7.5% increase per upgrade
    Skill Bonus: 7.5% increase per upgrade
    Health: 25% increase per upgrade
    Max Energy: 10% increase per upgrade
    Cooldown Reduction: 7.5% increase per upgrade
    Speed: 7.5% increase per upgrade

    You can forge Epic weapons 2 times, and Legendary weapons 4 times.
    Weapon Score
    Prefix is determined by total sum of stats. If you add all the stat values together, you get your weapon score like on plancke.nl. The range the score for legendaries is 595-805 total score. This range is divided into equal intervals for the prefixes, which means 3 intervals for legendaries. 805-595=210 so the intervals are 70 points. 595-665 total score gives vanquisher, 665-735 gives champion prefix, 735-805 gives warlords prefix.
    Short answer: No, its a myth.

    The health stat has a range of 150 points, which means it can force a weapon in all of the prefix intervals. Each interval is only 70 points, so a stat that has a range of 72 or more is enough to influence the prefix on its own. (1 point in vanquisher interval, 70 to bridge over champions, 1 point to get in warlords interval). Health is the only stat that can do that. (150 is more than 72)

    But to say that health determines the prefix is wrong. That would mean each prefix has health stat ranges that don't overlap with each other, which isn't the case because thats not how prefixes work.
    Go to http://plancke.nl/hypixel/stats/ then type in your name. A list of your stats will come up. Scroll down the list until you see the section for Warlords. Click that and scroll to the bottom until you find the list of weapons. Next to your weapon you will find two numbers. The first number is score after upgrades, the 2nd number is the base score (0/4 upgrades) This guide is for base weapon stats.
    Skill Bonuses
    Skill bonuses are bonus stats that are applied when you are using the weapon for a specific class. This type of class does not change with re-rolls, but the amount of the bonus can change. For example, a Berserker weapon can not be rerolled to a Defender, but the skill bonus can increase or decrease.
    Play streak "Special" Weapons:
    The current playstreak, increases by 20% per finished game and caps at 100%. For each game finished with a 100% playstreak, you will now earn a special kind of broken weapon.

    These special broken weapons have tripled chances of epic and legendary weapons, and every weapon is guaranteed to be rare or better. As if that wasn’t enough, every epic and legendary you receive from these special broken weapons can be forged up to 2 times for epics and 4 times for legendaries - the same as crafted weapons. You will be rewarded greatly for finishing your games!
    Starter Weapon:
    Obtained when starting the game, or by the command: /resetweapon
    Damage: 90
    Health: 160
    Common Weapons:
    Common Weapons have in game Green Text
    Weapon Score: 276 428
    Chance to get: 70%
    Salvage Rewards: Magic Dust: 1 2
    Stats Reroll Cost: 1 Magic Dust
    Damage: 90 - 100
    Crit Chance: 10% 18%
    Crit Multiplier: 150% 170%
    Skill Bonus: 4 6
    Health: +180 +220
    Weapon Score: 276 301.33
    Weapon Score: 301.33 326.66
    Weapon Score: 326.66 352
    Weapon Score: 352 377.33
    Weapon Score: 377.33 402.66
    Weapon Score 402.66 428
    Rare Weapons:
    Rare Weapons have in game Blue Text
    Weapon Score: 359
    Chance to get: 28.8%
    Salvage Rewards: Magic Dust:
    3 5
    Void Shards: 0 1
    Stats Reroll Cost: 5 Magic Dust
    Damage: 95 105
    Crit Chance: 10% 18%
    Skill Bonus: 4 6
    Crit Multiplier: 150% 170%
    Health: +180 +220
    Max Energy: +5 +15
    Weapon Score: 359 399.5
    Weapon Score: 399.5 440
    Weapon Score: 440 480.5
    Weapon Score: 480.5 521
    Epic Weapons:
    Epic Weapons have in game Purple text
    Weapon Score: 450
    Chance to get: 1%
    Salvage Rewards: Void Shards:
    3 4
    Stats Reroll Cost: 50 Magic Dust
    Damage: 85 - 115 93 - 126
    Crit Chance: 15% 20%
    Crit Multiplier: 160% 190%
    Skill Bonus: 7 9
    Health: +220 +275
    Max Energy: +15 +20
    Cooldown Reduction: 3% 5%
    Weapon Score: 450 488.5
    Weapon Score: 488.5 - 527
    Weapon Score: 527 - 565.5
    Weapon Score: 565.5 604
    Legendary Weapons:
    Weapon Score: 595 805
    Chance to get: 0.2%
    Salvage Rewards: 30-40 Void Shards
    Stats Reroll Cost: 10 Void Shards
    Damage: 93 - 126 102 - 138
    Crit Chance: 15% 25%
    Crit Multiplier: 180% 200%
    Skill Bonus: 10 15
    Health: +250 +400
    Max Energy: +20 +25
    Cooldown Reduction: +5% +10%
    Speed: +5% +10%
    Weapon Score: 595 - 665
    Weapon Score: 665 - 735
    Weapon Score: 735 - 805
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    I mean is it that hard to realize the thread got changed?
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  5. Makes sense.
  6. Guide for rare weapons:
    Step 1- Win game
    Step 2- Fix weapon
    Step 3- Win all the things

    ...Least, that's what I thought this thread was going to be about before I opened it :p

    This is a neat idea. What I think you should do, if this is not what you're doing already, is to gather information on this thread for the stats of everyone's Epic/Legend weapons, and see which Prefixes are "Best", and what the top caps are on the stats ;)
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  7. I might do that later. I just need to find the diferent categories first. Will focus on prefixes in next couple of days.
  8. Just finished updating as much as I could on the guide tonight. I will get more accurate information on commons and rares tomorrow. I only had 4 commons saved up.
  9. When you salvage weapons, Its a different amount of coins, Common amount 5-7 Coins
    And I've got a rare weapon that has +12 energy
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  10. I only had about 3 commons I could salvage. I know its random. I will find closer numbers tomorow
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    L9 L9
    Here's my legendary, it should help you a bit with some stats
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    It's a joke. Monsterlol called it that on his video
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    For rare salvaging, I get about 30-39 coins
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  15. Exact numbers please?
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    I dont exactly know but it's 30 something and like someone else pointed out, they all have different prices to salvage at depending on the prefix
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