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  1. How to make a Hypixel API website with JavaScript

  2. How to make a Hypixel API iPhone app

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  1. Thank You Very Much Its Works But Only With Coins !! When i try to type
    $player->getStats()->getGame(Bedwars)->getInt("wins") dosent work why ?
    $player->getStats()->getGame(Bedwars)->getInt("kills") dosent work why ?
    $player->getStats()->getGame(Bedwars)->getInt("coins") This ONLY WORK
    i hope u replay and thx for helping !!!!!
  2. If you do
    it will output all the strings. There is nothing called "wins" and "kills". They are called "wins_bedwars" and "kills_bedwars".

    Look in the API code for the string names.
  3. 1 Last Thing How to Show Stars ?? Plz Tell Me <3 And How to Show HyPixel Level <3
    Thank You Very Much Man Your Are RELLY Helped Me Alot Thx For Your Helping You Are A Relly Good Member And The TUT Maker As Well <3 Thx All <3
  4. Stars is the bedwars level. Do some static symbols beside the code.

    Try looking in the files to see if you can find the function that shows the Hypixel level. I won't do all your code for you.
  5. i Opened HyPixelPHP.php and i try to Find About Bedwars Its Shows Nothing
    But For HyPixel Level its
        public function getLevel($zeroBased = false) {
            return $this->getInt('networkLevel') + (!$zeroBased ? 1 : 0);
    but i dont know how to echo it and show it please help me !!!! and thx
  6. How to Echo the hypixel level + bedwars Level ?
  7. Please Help Me With How to ECHO HyPixel Level Please ! <#
  8. Code:
        public function getLevel($zeroBased = false) {
            return $this->getInt('networkLevel') + (!$zeroBased ? 1 : 0);
    i can see this but how to echo it ???
  9. Code:
    echo getLevel();
    echo $player->getLevel();
    Can’t remember at the top of my head. Try the second one first.
  10. Hey guys it’s been a while since I last updated this tutorial but would you guys be interested in a JavaScript or maybe even a tutorial on how to do this as an iPhone app?
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  11. man please help its shows 1 not the real level when i do this
    echo 'HyPixelLevel: ' . $player->getLevel();
  12. Tutorials are always appreciated! The API key however, is exposed in JavaScript.
  13. Sorry for for reopening this thread, but I am really confused by how to get someone's amount of stars in Bedwars. I see bedwars_level when I do a var_dump, but I cannot figure out how to display it. Please advise.
  14. me too i need help with bw level and main hypixel level :(
  15. Please fix this!
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  16. lmxn

    lmxn Member

    Hello everyone.
    I was trying this tutorial and I got stuck it would awesome if someone could help me.
    I don't know what to type in the red box in the screenshot
    If you help me I would appreciate it a lot, thanks!
  17. Reflxction

    Reflxction Well-Known Member

    I'm not a PHP programmer, though I believe it's for the player name you want to get the information for.
  18. You have to enter in the key that appears in the URL after the question mark. For instance, if you have this:
    You would enter

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