What tutorial should I do this for next?

  1. How to make a Hypixel API website with JavaScript

  2. How to make a Hypixel API iPhone app

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    apparently this guy thinks you can play on hypixel server on the internet
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  5. If you are having trouble, please feel free to contact me here on this thread?
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  7. It's possible to depend on the HypixelAPI in a forge mod and make requests to get info about a player right? All I see about using the HypixelAPI is about websites. I downloaded the repository from https://github.com/HypixelDev/PublicAPI but I have now idea how to build that so I can depend on it unless it isn't actually possible?
  8. Ben has made a great tutorial on doing exactly this. You should check it out:
  9. This is a PHP tutorial but it is 100% possible with Java. It is just a little different though.
  10. It's a good video but it didnt teach me anything, I want to know how to add the HypixelAPI as a dependency in my module.

  11. I use PHP and I haven't really been exposed to too much Java. I wish I could help you. Let me try to find something that may help you.
  12. I figured out I have to download the zip from the github repository, import it as a project (and module technically) then build the jar myself, the problem is the API has 3 dependencies that I cant figure out how to build (since their .jar files aren't downloadable). The reason I cant figure it out (and I'm stuck on the first one, I haven't even gotten to the other ones yet) is because the guava-master zip has 3 differn't modules in it so I imported it as a project, but my question is do I somehow (which I don't know how to do,) build the entire project into one jar or build each module into its own jar and then add them all as dependencies? @Max Korlaar
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  13. I personally haven't used the Java implementation of the API client. Doesn't the Github repo have documentation or closed issues about importing this into a project?
  14. I think there may be some stuff in the API help forum.
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  15. No the GitHub repository just tells you the 3 dependencies it has (Which I cant figure out how to build).

    I looked through that forum and found nothing on dependency setup, it just assumes you know how to build the dependencies.
  16. Old question: Please add bed wars and murder mystery

    EDIT: I already found out how to do this ^^

    Nice tutorial. It helped me a lot ;)
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    Can U Please Create For Me A Html + PHP Files And Paste Every THing u do in images and uploaded for me becase i try do it my self and i can't there is a lot off errors please please Do It For Me
  18. Here's a link to what I made in this tutorial, it will take you to Google Drive where you can download the files or view them: hogly.co/rxdPm
    Use this link if that one didn't work: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dOZv_pvwM7zzqSDzkkBgAO_lUzVmXc92?usp=sharing
    You just have to open index.php in your browser(Make sure the folder is running on an Apache server i.e. XXAMP) and it should work wonders!
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    Man This Was Very HelpFull But i want to Add The GameStats For Bedwars Like u know the new games and additons so like mvp++ and bedwars is not inclouding please u want bedwars and mvp++ and the new YouTuber Prefix I Hope u UnderStand Me And Thx !!!!!
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  20. I am not sure about MVP++, but BedWars is included. Try testing the short code example below.
    (EDIT: This works on the NEW hypixel-php, and maybe not the one used in this tutorial)

    $player = $HypixelPHP->getPlayer(['name' => 'your_ign']);

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