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  1. With people now being forced to use 1.8 there are many mods that are .litemod files instead of your normal .jar file. Forge uses jar files, while LightLoader uses litemod files, in this guide I'll be showing you how to be able to use both kinds of mods at the same time.
    NOTE - Not all mods are allowed on the Hypixel, to learn which mods are and aren't read THIS thread.
    Step #1 - Download Forge. For Forge it's usually best to just download the recommended version, if a mod doesn't want to work sometimes it can help to use the latest version of Forge instead. You'll want to download the one that says "Installer-win" as it's the easiest one to work with. When you first click the link to download you'll be taken to a page with some ads, wait until you see something that says skip ad (Should be on the top right).

    Step #2 - Download LiteLoader. For 1.8 LiteLoader you'll need to go HERE and download the latest .exe file (Currently "liteloader-installer-1.8.0-00-SNAPSHOT.exe").

    Step #3 - Install Forge first. Just run the exe file you downloaded and click "OK", and once it's down you can click "OK" again and boom Forge installed.

    Step #4 - Now you'll be installing LiteLoader. Run the exe file you downloaded and where it says "Extend from:" select the version of Forge you downloaded and installed, then click "OK" to start installing and once it's done click "OK" again to close it.

    Step #5 - Paste "C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods\1.8" into start/search and this is where you're mods go. You can put both jar files and litemod files in here now (Some mods may not always work together). If Windows cannot find the directory do step 6 first and launch Minecraft, then come back and do this.

    Step #6 Launch Minecraft, go to the bottom right and change your profile to the one that says something like "LiteLoader 1.8 with Forge 1.8"

    NOTE - Everything has to be the same version, meaning you can't use 1.7 Forge with 1.8 LiteLoader or 1.8 LiteLoader and Forge with 1.7 mods.
    I did not write this but took it from THIS thread, all credit goes to it's creator d1One.
    Hello guys.

    To start off this sub forum i will add a tutorial on how to install Forge Mod Loader and Lite Loaderlinked together. This is also a how to install mods in Minecraft tutorial.


    #1 Download Forge and Lite loader installers here:
    Lite Loader :
    Forge :

    #2 Launch Forge installer first, double click the file.jar you just downloaded.
    Make sure the folder path is pointing to where you have your minecraft installed and click install client version.
    (More info about how to find the folder path is in the video or at the bottom of this tutorial)


    #3 Now double click the lite loader .jar, select 'extend from' and chose the Forge version you installed in step #2.


    #4 Start you minecraft launcher as usual and click 'New Profile'


    #5 Chose an appropriate name for your new profile, click 'versions' and select the version that has both Forge and Lite loader on the tittle then click save.


    #6 Select the profile you just created and click play!

    To install any mods just go to your Minecraft folder.
    Mac: Finder > Go > ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
    Windows: Run > %appdata%\.minecraft\
    Drop your .jar (forge mods) or .litemod (liteloader) in the folder called 'Mods', restart your launcher and game and your done!
    If you have any questions or recommendations feel free to post them.
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  2. Excelis

    Excelis Well-Known Member

    Cool guide
  3. Thank you !:)
  4. Gamer_Panda98

    Gamer_Panda98 New Member

    Heey great guide
    But when i installed forge and want to install the liteloader it show that it doesn't detect the forge.
    Did i do something wrong, please help me. upload_2017-4-27_20-22-16.png
  5. Make sure you're installing the correct version of forge and liteloader, and also make sure to run minecraft with forge at least once normally just to check it installed properly and setup correctly. If you're still having issues maybe try and look it up online, I'm sure there's plenty more up-to-date videos that might help better than this guide, which may be outdated.
  6. Nebuluar

    Nebuluar Active Member

    If you follow the guide exactly it should work (it did for me).
    Make sure the Minecraft, Liteloader and Forge versions you are using are all the same. Also try to use stable releases of Forge and Liteloader. If it still doesn't work and you need help, start a conversation with me by clicking on my profile and I will assist you further.
  7. Going to lock this thread now for necroposting!
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